Top 10 Bubble Tea Shops in Hong Kong

Bubble tea was originally invented in Taiwan and it has now been so popular around the world. You can basically find so many types of different bubble tea in Hong Kong; but have you ever tried them all? Follow us and find out the top 10 bubble tea shops that you should visit immediately. Let’s get started! 

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10th The Best Milk Tea with Mixed Nuts

There is something more than just bubble tea that you can find in this shop. Black pearl, as generally known as bubble in any sorts of bubble tea, isn't the only highlights in the shop. Its milk tea topped with a mix of crunchy nuts like sesames and peanuts is what makes their speciality in bubble tea unique and stand out from the crowds.

蜜滋麻美 | G/F, 16A Aberdeen Street, Central ★★★☆☆

9th The Best Black Sugar Milk Tea

You might not believe it but black sugar is actually healthy if you don't over take it. This kind of sugar is as black as its name; it's sweeter and specially good for ladies in Asian cultures. The most important thing is, the combination of black pearls, black sugar and milk tea is exceptionally perfect. You certainly have to try that in an authentic Taiwanese black sugar bubble tea speciality store, right?

Tiger Sugar | 2 Karlock Building, 5 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Shui ★★★★☆

8th The Best Bubble Milk Tea Gift

Any foodies will love a giant cup of bubble tea as a gift from A Nice Gift. Their milk tea is made from fresh milk without any non-fairy creamer. You can also choose the level of how sweet and how cold your bubble tea is. This is definitely the place for someone who loves to order their own bubble tea with all the controls.

A Nice Gift | Golden Centre, 94 Yen Chow Street, Un Chau ★★★☆☆

7th The Be