Frequently Asked Questions

What do Well Voyaged do?


Basically, blogging. We do blogging basically on everything, like product and food review, travel recommendation, art and event previews. This is the place you could find out more about us, and how we live our dream.

What do we do?

Our editors work as a full time content creator, a freelance traveler, and a part time day dreamer. This is how we earn our livings.

What does Amy Aguilera means?


Our founder Amy Aguilera picked up her name since 2004. Amy is her English name and Aguilera is a surname that she found it out on the Internet, which basically means "Eagle" in Latin. She wanted herself to fly (to travel) with freedom. We know that is the perfect name for her.

Where have we been to?


We can't mention them all at once. Please take a look at this page.

Are we an adventurous foodie?


Yes, we are. We'd love to try everything delicious. However, we do have something that we would never try/eat, like beef, or lamb, and especially durian. So don't be surprised if you didn't see such things in our blog post.


More Questions?


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