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The Soul Trembles by Chiharu Shiota


The Souls Trembles, a solo exhibition of Chibaru Shiota, is one of the temporary art exhibitions showcasing in the new venue of the Shenzhen Art Museum. This exhibition features not only her signature thread installation works, but also drawing, images and videos of how the artist creates her work from time to time.

Shiota's work always embodies her deep understanding of life and existence. Her personal experiences about life and death, and her own identity reflects on her large tangled thread works, just like every single thing in life is complicated and hard to explain. It is not surprised that everyone will be overwhelmed her work. Let's be inspired by Chibaru Shiota today!

Highlights of The Soul Trembles | Shiota Chiharu Solo Exhibition

Uncertain Journey

'Threads become tangled, intertwined, broken off, unraveled. They constantly reflect a part of my mental state, as if they were expressing the state of human relationships.' Chiharu Shiota

The Soul Trembles | Shiota Chiharu Solo Exhibition

Reflection of Space and Time

In Silence

Accumulation - Searching for the Destination


The Soul Trembles | Shiota Chiharu Solo Exhibition

Date: from 7th Nov 2023 to 14th Jan 2024 (Closed on every Monday)

Time: 9:00-17:00 / Last Entry: 16:30

Location: Exhibition Hall 4/5/6/7, 2/F of Shenzhen Art Museum (New Venue)

Address: Building 1, No.30 Tenglong Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Advance booking required via Wechat -「深圳美術館」微信小程式



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