Wandering around in Zadar Old Town 漫步遊走扎達爾舊城區

The best way to explore a city is to wander around without any purposes. I didn't plan anything before I came to Zadar as I believed that Zadar old town was pretty small and I wouldn't spend too much time here. I began my self-tour from the Church of St. Donatus. If you are following on the main street where it has a lot of different shops and restaurant, you will be able to reach Kopnena vrata (Land Gate). I think it looks beautiful in the daytime than nighttime, what do you think?

去旅行最好的就當然是漫無目的地探索一下啦,所以這次來到了克羅地亞的Zadar 扎達爾也不例外!主要其實是因為我覺得這個城市並沒有很大,而且又不會花太多的時間在這裡,所以就沒有計劃到什麼了。我從Church of St. Donatus 圖斯聖教堂開啟一整天的行程,然後就一直沿著商店大街一直走,到了盡頭會找到了這城市的Kopnena vrata 大門,這裡好像早上比晚上好看呢,你們覺得呢?

Bristro Gourmet Kalelarga

Siroka ul. 2A, 23000, Zadar, Croatia I began my day quite late today so I didn't really eat much in the afternoon. I finally found a restaurant where it is actually part of a hotel for a proper meal. The restaurant wasn't as busy as I thought. I ordered a "black pasta with seafood" from the menu. I was brave enough to try something "unusual". When it arrived, I realised it was actually squid ink which made the pasta black. The dish was full of seafood that's why it had a very strong smell of it. I love seafood so I think that's a good thing. I love the combination of tomato sauce and the seafood, and also the cheese on top made the texture even better. In overall, it is above the average and I would recommend you to try.


Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

Having an evening walk after dinner is absolutely a great thing to do here in Zadar. As there's nothing else you could actually do... I suggest that you should walk along the seaside, especially at sunset time. I actually came back here in the early morning on the next day. The view was amazing but I do prefer it with sunset more than sunrise.

You will find the well-known Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun by the end of the path. However, I would recommend you to visit these two places in the early morning. It was too busy in the evening and I couldn't really hear anything from the Sea Organ. The sound was beautiful and I felt so calm when I sat by the sea alone in the morning. I enjoyed it very much.

來到扎達爾必做的一件事情便是吃過晚飯後到海邊散散步!不然就是可以早點回酒店睡覺了⋯⋯ 我的建議就是在黃昏時分來到海邊漫步啦!其實我第二天早上也有回來過,景色也不錯,但就是沒有晚上的好看喔!

只要沿著海邊走到盡頭,你便會找到了有名的Sea Organ 海風琴The Greeting to the Sun 迎接太陽裝置藝術。記得要早上來看喔,不然晚上人太多,多到根本就聽不到海風琴的聲音了。一大早我自己一個來到,坐在梯階上,聽著海風琴的聲音,感覺真的很舒坦,心情很平靜。我很喜歡這裡喔。

It was a shame that The Greeting to the Sun was under construction when I was there. Hopefully I would be able to come back here to see how it actually works.


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