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Wandering around in Zadar Old Town

The best way to explore a city is to wander around without any purposes. We didn't make any plan before we came to Zadar as we believed that Zadar Old Town was pretty small and we probably wouldn't spend too much time here. We began our self-tour from the Church of St. Donatus. If you are following on the main street where it has a lot of different shops and restaurants, you will be able to reach Kopnena vrata (Land Gate). We believe that the Old Town looks more beautiful in the daytime than at the nighttime, what do you think?

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We began our day quite late today so we didn't really eat much in the afternoon. We finally found a restaurant where it is actually part of a hotel for a proper meal. The restaurant wasn't as busy as we thought. We ordered a "black pasta with seafood" from the menu. We were brave enough to try something "unusual". When it arrived, we realised it was actually squid ink which made the pasta black. The dish was full of seafood which had a very strong smell of it. We love seafood so we thought that's actually a good thing. We love the combination of tomato sauce and the seafood, and also the cheese on top made the texture even better. In overall, it is above the average and we would recommend you to try.

Bristro Gourmet Kalelarga | Siroka ul. 2A, 23000, Zadar, Croatia ★★★★☆

Having an evening walk after dinner is absolutely a great thing to do in Zadar. As there's nothing else you could actually do... we suggest that you should walk along the seafront harbour, especially at sunset time. We came back here in the early morning on the next day. The view was amazing but we do prefer it at sunset more than at sunrise in the morning.

You will find the well-known Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun at one end of the promenade. We recommend you to visit these two places in the early morning. It was too busy in the evening and we couldn't really hear anything from the Sea Organ. The sound was beautiful and it made us feel calm and peaceful when we were sitting by the sea in the morning. We enjoyed it very much.

It was a shame that The Greeting to the Sun was under construction when we were there. Hopefully we would be able to come back here to see how it actually works.



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