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Nothing is better than having a two-way earrings and can be worn in multiple ways! These earrings can be worn with the darts, without the darts, or even with the darts hitting the bullseye! It's basically your earrings, your way of wearing!

Best for Birthday, Thank You, and more.

Dart & Dartboard Two-way Earrings

SKU: UK062404
    • Dart & Dartboard Two-way Earrings
    • Handmade in Hong Kong
    • Colours vary and depends on market supply
    • Photos are for reference only
    • Dimension: 1.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W)
    • Material: Silver plated earrings, water resistant coated paper
    • Complimentary Well Voyaged Message Card
    • Complimentary Standard Gift Wrapping

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