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Our Mixed Flower Wreath Earrings have gone even smaller! These Mini Floral Blossom Wreath Earrings are specially made for those who love flowers. They are available in a few different tones such as mixed, dark, bright and pastel. Let us know if you want any other colour combinations, too!


Best for Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Mother's Day and more.

Mini Floral Blossom Wreath Earrings

SKU: HK092202
    • Mini Floral Blossom Wreath Earrings
    • Handmade in Hong Kong
    • Colours vary and depends on market supply
    • Photos are for reference only
    • Dimension: 3.5cm (L) x 3.5cm (W)
    • Material: Silver plated earrings, water resistant coated paper
    • Complimentary Well Voyaged Message Card
    • Complimentary Standard Gift Wrapping

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