£100 Travel Budget Challenge to France 一百鎊的法國遊

I think it would be fun to have a budget challenge so I took this and would like to share how I spent £100 wisely for a trip to France from the UK. If you'd like to know if I succeed or not, you have to continue reading this and I hope you'll find it useful.


Return flight tickets from London Stansted Airport to Nice £19.98 Hôtel Ozz by Happyculture in Nice for 2 nights £24

從倫敦Stansted Airport 斯坦斯特德機場到法國Nice 尼斯的來回機票: £19.98 尼斯青旅 Hôtel Ozz by Happyculture 兩晚住宿:£24

You couldn't imagine how cheap the flight tickets could be. It's even cheaper than a coach tickets in the UK, and I am not even kidding. This might explained why I could always go travelling. 

So okay, it's £56.02 left after I bought my flight tickets and had my accommodation booked, which is converted to around €60. This would be a really big challenge for me as I could only spend €60 in two days! I wasn't even sure if I could do it but I would try, I would try my best!


Airport Express Shuttle Bus €6 each way = €12 return


Eating out could be expensive in Nice, I would suggest that you could probably buy food from supermarkets or some local cafes. Half of my first day was in the beach. I bought some chocolate croissants, sandwiches and fruits from supermarkets which was only around €7. I didn't really eat out at night because I tried going in to quite a few restaurants and all of them told me the same thing: "Sorry, the kitchen is closed now." And every time I looked at my watch, thinking the same thing: "What? It's only 6pm now." 

在尼斯,到餐廳吃飯絕對是省不了錢的。所以我建議你們可以到附近的超市買吃的,又或是選擇一些便宜的咖啡廳。第一天有一大半的時間我都在沙灘上過了,而我就在超市裏先買了一些巧克力牛角包,三明治和水果到沙灘吃。這樣子才花了大約€7。晚上的時候,我都沒有到餐廳吃飯,因為即使我想,他們好像都不想做我的生意,到了好幾家餐廳,他們全部都告訴我廚房關了,沒吃的了⋯⋯ 然後我就看一下我的手錶,頭上便全是問號,不就是晚上六點而已嗎?

Luckily I was staying in a hostel where it provides free hot drinks. woohoo! But if you can't find a hostel like this, you should find somewhere with a kitchen too. You'll save a lot if you could cook by yourself!

幸好我住的青旅有免費的熱飲⋯⋯ 不過如果你們沒有找到這麼好的青旅的話,最好也要找到一個有帶廚房的,自己做飯就更省了!

The other day I tried to have a nice lunch in a restaurant because I had enough money for at least a perfect meal. I went to a French restaurant specially for a plate of snails. I ordered a portion of six and a main dish for €23 in total. I enjoyed my lunch there and I loved it. 


You probably think what I could do with the rest of my budgets of €18. I didn't take any transports within city centre. Everywhere is in walking distance. I literally went everywhere by foot. I went to some galleries and museums, but tell you what, they were all for free because I am a EU resident under age 26. "Every little does help." 


As I have mentioned before, I couldn't really find a restaurant that the kitchen wasn't closed... so I spent another approx €7 for food in the supermarket for my dinner in the second night in Nice. I finally bought three souvenir magnets for €10.


OMG I couldn't believe that I made it... It was difficult but I succeed! This experience was fun and I think I am going to do more challenges like this in the future. Yes!


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