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The Neighbourhood Travel Guide of Tai Po District

Tai Po isn't quite a travel destination for those who visit Hong Kong for their first time; but this neighbourhood is totally perfect for anyone who love natural scenery and historical and cultural landmarks, as well as an urban escape away from the bustling city centre. If you think you've seen Hong Kong enough, perhaps you should visit Tai Po and discover more of the other beautiful sides of Hong Kong. Let's see what you can do while you are around!

Green Hub, Tai Po, Hong Kong

1. Green Hub

The Green Hub, formely the Old Tai Po Police Station, is now a history and heritage museum providing a range of eco-friendly living programmes and sustainable workshops. It is located at the top of Tai Po Wan Tau Tong Hill and was considered to be the most central position of the New Territories. The entrance is free. So don't miss out when you are in the nearby.

Old District Office North, Tai Po, Hong Kong

2. Old District Office North

It is a good idea to visit the Old District Office North (aka Law Ting Pong Scout Centre) after visiting the Green Hub since they are very close to each other. This heritage site was once the headquarter of the colonial District Office of the whole New Territories. The building itself is gorgeous and definitely worth your time there!

3. Hong Kong Railway Museum

Let's go back in time and travel back to the 1910s by visiting the old Tai Po Market Railway Station, now the Hong Kong Railway Museum. This railway museum is located at the site where the original Tai Po Market station was. While you are there, you will be able to understand more of the railway history of Hong Kong, as well as getting on board several vintage trains. It is certainly the best fun place to visit to in Tai Po for everyone at all ages.

4. Tai Po Waterfront Park & Spiral Lookout Tower

One of the best places to see panoramic views of the city is no doubt the Tai Po Waterfront Park. Locals enjoy jogging and cycling on the path alongside the waterfront. If you are looking for some different angles of the park, climb up high to the top of the Spiral Lookout Tower! This landmark is located in the middle of the waterfront park; it allows you to enjoy such stunning views without any obstacles. Highly recommended!

5. WWF Island House

Here's another place for you to enjoy the beautiful views of Tai Po: WWF Island House. This historical building is located right opposite to the Tai Po Waterfront Park. From this side, you will be able to see the park with more public housing. It is better to rent a bike for the day so you can cycle around and browse the city with ease.



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