20-Minute Visit in Millesgarden 在米勒花園的二十分鐘

Why is it 20 minutes? It's just because I was arriving here late and this art museum was about to close in 20 minutes... I finally paid the ticket to quickly have a look of this museum, mainly because this museum is relatively far from the city centre. There's two main part in this museum, a sculpture park outside and an art gallery inside. So I decided to spend 10 minutes outdoor and another 10 minutes inside.

為什麼就只有二十分鐘?其實是因為我到這博物館的時候就已經快關門了⋯⋯ 我最後還是決定要買票進去看一下,主要原因其實是因為這裡跟市中心相對來說比較遠,就不想下次再花時間趕來了。這個博物館有兩個部分,一個是在外面的雕塑園,另外就是裡面的藝術展覽館。所以我決定要每個部分花個十分鐘,盡量把全部東西都看一遍!

The ticket was 120 SEK for an adult. I simply thought that was a bit overpriced for a 20-minute visit... but you might find it a lot worthy if you could spend more time here though. However, I think this museum is quite small, I literally saw everything at the end. (It's probably because I was running out of time so I tried to see everything as quickly as possible.) Therefore, I assume you'll only need to spend an hour maximum here, or more if you want to enjoy your day in the park especially for the beautiful river view.


I was in a hurry and I didn't even have time to read the statement on the wall or so, so I have to say that I don't really know what this gallery is presenting at the moment... it could be a temporary exhibition but what I saw inside were something about Chinese culture and its embroidery art. There's not much to see though so I would say it would be a lot better if the entrance fee is lower.

因為太趕了,所以我也沒來得及看看其實展館裡的展品到底是什麼來的⋯⋯ 我猜是一個暫時的展覽吧,我在裡面就看到一些關於中國文化和刺繡藝術。其實真的好小,所以門票值不值,見人見智吧。

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