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3 Meals in Shenzhen

Old news is always exciting: Hongkongers love to head off to the north to Shenzhen on the weekends as it's very close to Hong Kong; it could just take around an hour to reach to any Shenzhen ports. This time we are going to take you to the restaurants we'd been to during our two-day trip, which were all in high standard in taste with various affordable price ranges. Add them all into your "Shenzhen Food List" now!

Cheapest Local Food in Shenzhen

This restaurant wasn't actually on our list until we accidentally found it and tried it. Their dishes come in a hot clay pot; you can either choose a meal set (includes one dish of your choice, rice, steamed egg, side dishes and a drink) or simply just a single dish. One full set will do you a good sharing since the rice portion is huge. The aubergine tasted as good as we imagined. The spicy squid was very mouth-watering, too. Everything was nice and warm for the whole time as the dishes keep in a hot clay pot. If you are looking for something affordable, delicious and quick at the same time, come here!

谷田稻香 | 蛇口街道深圳灣社區中心路2233號寶能太古城北區NB153 ★★★★☆

Affordable Luxury Restaurant in Shenzhen

Getting on board to this Hangzhou restaurant is definitely the highlight of our trip in Shenzhen. It was on our bucket list for so long and finally here we went! This place never made us feel disappointed. Four of us ordered 8 different dishes from dumplings and sweet & sour ribs to noodles and vegetables, in which we paid around RMB60 each. It was unexpectedly cheap as the whole restaurant looks so cool and expensive, especially there's a few boats in it, where it isn't just for decoration, but you can actually enjoy your meal inside the boat. Everything was in a very high standard. Our favourites were the crab dumplings, chicken feet, ribs and the chewy rice cake as flowers in a vase. How creative they are!

桂滿隴-西湖船宴 | 深圳市福田區益田路5033號(平安大廈6樓) ★★★★☆

Expensive Taste of China in Shenzhen

If you are crazy for spicy fish and seafood, this place is where you should visit. Their signature baked fish was incredibly amazing. For the price of around RMB160, you get a huge whole fish baked in your favourite flavour. They do sauces for everyone, so don't worry if you can't stand with spicy food. Nothing beats aubergine cooked with garlic! Our favourites here were the fish, scallops, aubergines and squids, which means, EVERYTHING! We shall come back for more, but next time we will definitely visit this restaurant with more people for sharing! It would be a lot cheaper to spilt the bill with more friends. Sharing is happy, right?

探魚 | 福田中心區福華三路星河COCO Park商場三樓L3C-020號 ★★★★☆

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