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Types of Bubble Tea Toppings You Should Try

Bubble tea is called bubble tea for a reason. The variety of topping options are the soul to the beverage. You literally can't order it without toppings or it is just a cup of tea. The most common topping for boba tea is tapioca pearls; but do you know there's actually more than just black pearl? In this article, we are going to show you 7 different toppings that you may consider choosing for your next bubble tea experience. Let's go!

Bubble tea toppings

  • Pearls The tapioca balls are commonly known as pearls or boba when used as an ingredient in bubble tea. It is made from the cassava root and usually black sugar coated. They are sweet, squishy, very chewy and absolutely a perfect match for milk tea to enhance the texture of a flat drink.

  • Cheese foam The cheese mousse is usually made of cream cheese with a touch of salt. Add cheese foam on top of your fruit tea to neutralise the sweetness of the drink. This topping surprisingly goes well with any types of bubble tea - you'll agree with us especially if you are a fan of cheese.

  • Mochi The Mochi is a type of Japanese dessert that is usually made of glutinous rice with flavourings such as matcha, chocolate, black sugar, and more. The plain mochi is often used in bubble tea topping - it is sweet, squishy and sometimes sticky. The texture is a lot softer than the tapioca pearls. We highly recommend you to try them in any types of black or red tea.

  • Egg Pudding Egg pudding is best-known as a sweet and smooth custard dessert made from eggs, milk and sugar. It offers a creamy twist to the beverage. Your boba drink will be even sweeter with egg pudding as the topping. If you enjoy adding a creamy and velvety texture into your drink, egg pudding is no doubt the best satisfying topping you should choose.

  • Herbal Grass Jelly This type of jelly is mild and has a slightly bitter taste which gives your bubble tea a great balance between sweetness and bitterness in a surprisingly good way. Herbal grass jelly goes really well with black sugar milk tea. This black-coloured jelly isn't really appealing to any of us; but do give it a try before judging it!

  • Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants; it is absolutely perfect for your body. Adding it into your bubble drink is always a great idea because it adds a crunchy texture to it. Its fresh juicy taste is a perfect match with any types of fruity and flowery tea such as mixed fruit red tea and osmanthus oolong tea.

  • Coconut Jelly Cubes If you enjoy a chewy texture, the coconut jelly that used in boba drink is a great choice for your. It adds a unique refreshing flavour and texture to the beverage for sure. It could be a little bit weird to add that into your milk tea but it is surprisingly good to go with fruit tea without milk. Try it now to expand your bubble tea topping options!



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