4 Hours in Vatican Museum 在梵蒂岡博物館內的四小時

I have to admit first, all of the pictures I am showing you here are super surreal... I saw everything in person and I did take all these pictures with my own camera. But the fun fact is... it was never like this empty but crowded. That's also why I only take pictures of the ceilings... LOL This was definitely my strangest experience of visiting a museum and I couldn't even find a word to actually describe it. I felt like I joined a tour or something, I was following everyone ahead (and that was the only thing that I could do.)

我要先說一下,在這帖文裡面的照片全部都是超現實的⋯⋯ 沒錯,照片是我拍的,我也的確在現場。但是我要說的是,千萬不要以為那裡是沒人的!那邊可是因為人太多了,所以我只能拍到天花⋯⋯ 這可說是我人生中裡面最神奇的一次博物館參觀經驗了,根本就是沒辦法形容我當時的心情⋯⋯ 我覺得我好像參加了一個旅行團,然後就是一直跟著前面的人來走⋯⋯ 沒誇張,根本就是沒辦法停下來的⋯⋯

And I also have to admit that I didn't actually spend total 4 hours inside the museum but also... an hour to wait in the queue before I got in there. The museum was open from 9am and I literally thought that I was super clever to arrive there at 9am to avoid the queue. I WAS SO WRONG. Perhaps if you would like to skip the queue without paying extra, you should arrive there half an hour, or maybe an hour earlier.

我還要說一下,其實我並沒有待在博物館裡面整整四個小時,那是因為光是在門外排隊進去就已經是一個小時了⋯⋯ 梵蒂岡博物館從早上九點就開門了,當時我還以為自己超級聰明的,剛剛好九點到那就以為可以輕鬆地進去了。當然現實總是不太美好的了⋯⋯ 所以如果你們想不花一分錢而又不用排隊等的話,那最好就要提早半個小時到達了,又或者是一個小時,可能會更好喔!

This was the busiest museum I've ever been and I have to say that I didn't even have time to look at the work since I could only keep walking and everything in the side was covered by people... now you should know why I only took pictures of the beautiful ceilings because those were the work that I could actually see without anything blocking my sight (and my way).

這肯定是我去過最擁擠的一個博物館了。說真的,我根本沒什麼時間看展品,因為我只能一路往前走⋯⋯ 而且旁邊全都是人,所以根本就是除了抬頭看天花,其他的什麼都看不到了⋯⋯

Don't forget to take some nice pictures of the photogenic staircase that is right next to the souvenir shop! There were unexpectedly less people than I imagined!




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