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4 Hours in Vatican Museum

I have to admit first, all of the pictures I am showing you here are super surreal... I saw everything in person and I did take all these pictures with my own camera. But the fun fact is... it was never like this empty but crowded. That's also why I only take pictures of the ceilings... LOL This was definitely my strangest experience of visiting a museum and I couldn't even find a word to actually describe it. I felt like I joined a tour or something, I was following everyone ahead (and that was the only thing that I could do.)

And I also have to admit that I didn't actually spend total 4 hours inside the museum but also... an hour to wait in the queue before I got in there. The museum was open from 9am and I literally thought that I was super clever to arrive there at 9am to avoid the queue. I WAS SO WRONG. Perhaps if you would like to skip the queue without paying extra, you should arrive there half an hour, or maybe an hour earlier.

This was the busiest museum I've ever been and I have to say that I didn't even have time to look at the work since I could only keep walking and everything in the side was covered by people... now you should know why I only took pictures of the beautiful ceilings because those were the work that I could actually see without anything blocking my sight (and my way).

Don't forget to take some nice pictures of the photogenic staircase that is right next to the souvenir shop! There were unexpectedly less people than I imagined!



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