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5 As You should Instagram Them about

Are you the biggest fan of Instagram? Do you instagram about everything? I'm on Instagram quite often and I usually post something related to what I've found during my journeys all over the world, (or maybe some other planets in somedays, haha.) So what are the things that you should really put them on instagram? I've come up 5 As that you should start instagramming about from now on if you haven't! Let's see what they are.


Instagram could be a perfect platform for you to share your everyday life so how can you forget posting about your beautiful afternoon?

(The View through) Airplane

Of course airplanes aren't so instagrammable unless you are crazy about jets. But the view looking through from that little window on the plane could be so different every single time. Try taking pictures of the view you saw during your flights and uploaded them on whatever social media to show your own unique perspective view of the world.


Anything could be photogenic and taking pictures with an aisle is definitely one of them. From the aisle in a church to the path inside a building, literally anything around you could be the aisle that you are looking for!


Yes, architecture is everywhere. So basically, everywhere can be instagram-worthy. Just remember to find the perfect outfits and think about how you are gonna pose for the pictures. Get your camera ready!


Earth without Art is just Eh. It is true. I guess art is the most instagrammable thing on earth. Art could be any forms so don't forget to look around and you might be able to find something interesting to instagram them about!

What's the A-stuff you mostly instagram about? I'd go for architecture!



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