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Hanfu Experience in Shenzhen


Gankeng Hakka Old Town is a scenic neighbourhood located in Shenzhen. This beautiful cultural attractions offers picturesque views and a serene environment of the ancient China. The region is home to ancient villages, traditional Hakka architectures, as well as stunning local heritages. It is time to escape the bustling modern city life for a bit; let's explore the old town and immerse yourselves in the rich history of China today!

Gankeng Hakka Old Town 甘坑客家古鎮

18 Ganli Road, Jihua Street, Buji, Longgang District, Shenzhen



Highlight of Gankeng Old Town #1 - Gankeng Old Well 甘坑古井

It seems like every old well has always become a wish-making place - and this one in Gankeng, too. This Gankeng Old Well not only holds historical and cultural significance, but also a symbol of wishes and aspirations. Locals, as well as visitors come here to make wishes and seek good luck by hanging red ribbons or some lucky charms on the beams of the well or trees in the nearby. This place is even prettier especially when flowers bloom.


Highlight of Gankeng Old Town #2 - Gankeng Museum 甘坑展覽館

If you are interested in understanding more about Hakka culture, Gankeng Musuem is certainly the right place for you. You will be able to find out more about the ancient Gankeng and the urban development of the neighbourhood from time to time. The exhibition showcases interactive displays and life-size artefacts that makes the museum alive. It's highly recommended!


Highlight of Gankeng Old Town #3 - 24 Histories Academy 二十四史書院

Our favourite place in the old town goes to the Twenty-Four Histories Academy! This cultural attraction houses thousands of ancient books, a beautiful pavilion and a lake with stunning reflections. There are bookstores, cafes, as well as a Hanfu experience shop where you can try on the ancient Chinese clothes. It is better to visit this place after 5pm so you can buy a cheaper night ticket, in addition, to enjoy the beautiful night views of this academy!


Hanfu Experience inside the Twenty-Four Histories Academy

While you are in Genkang, the best thing to do is to try on a Hanfu once in your lifetime. We suggest that you should try your best to find a great deal in Genkang or you will realise there is only one Hanfu experience shop inside the academy. Since you will need to return the Hanfu before you leave the academy, you won't be able to take any pictures with the Hanfu outside.

Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to take any pictures outside of the academy, but we still enjoyed our experience while we are there! We simply love our photos! Hopefully you'll love our pick on the Hanfu, too. Enjoy!




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