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5 Lunch in Vilnius

In Vilnius you shall be able to find quite a few different cuisines from local Lithuanian dishes and other western food to luxury fine dinning and affordable fast food. Here are some ideas for you to look for the lunch deals and food that you should try if you are in town. Let's get started!

Eating Georgian Cuisine in Vilnius

This Georgian House, like its name, is a restaurant that specialised in Georgian cuisine. The Georgian "pizza" with spinach was definitely the highlight of the meal. It was nothing like the Italian one. It's more like a stuffed pie. We loved the texture and the flavour of it. It was very crispy and tasty! However, the soup was too oily to make us believe that it really was a soup. It would be a lot better having it without.

Georgian House | Mėsinių g. 4-3, Vilnius 01135, Lithuania ★★★☆☆

Tasty Soft-shell Burgers to Eat in Vilnius

Their Boom! burger was one of the best burgers we'd ever had in our life. The soft-shell crab burger we ordered was in a very high standard. We love how they roasted the bun to make it crispy and soft at the same time, and the melting red cheese was very rich in taste. The meat was very juicy even it was deep fried. The whole combination was just fantastic. Their sweet potato fries was yum too! We simply can't help but keep on eating.

Boom! Burgers Lithuania | Gedimino pr. 1, Vilnius 01103, Lithuania ★★★★★

Italian Food to Grab in a Bar

This bar restaurant offers Italian food like pasta and soup. Our favourite was the black and white spaghetti with seafood - mixed with both original and squid ink spaghetti. It was a very chill place to enjoy our lunch. They offer a huge selection of food and drink. Grab a glass of cocktail and order your favourite Italian dish here at the old green house.

The Old Green House | L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus g. 5, Vilnius 01122, Lithuania ★★★☆☆

Having Authentic Lithuanian Cuisine in Vilnius

Of course you should always try Lithuanian cuisine in Lithuania. This restaurant has the cutest ideas for their dishes and the decoration for the interior. We loved how they put the mushroom soup inside the "bread tower", so basically you could finish the whole thing eventually! Their deep fried chicken fillet was very juicy and crispy too!

Etno Dvaras | Pilies g. 16, Vilnius 01123, Lithuania ★★★★☆

The Best Fine Dining in Vilnius

This fine dining restaurant was the best one we'd ever been to while we were in Vilnius. They have the best service, high standard of food, creative food styling and very nice atmosphere in town! It's very interesting how they shaped the potatoes just like the cherry tomato. And the octopus was very fresh and chewy. Not sure why they put suds next to it, but that's the spirit of fine dining, right?

Stebuklai | Gynėjų g. 14, Vilnius 01109, Lithuania ★★★★★

Do you enjoy eating fast food or fine dining? Which one do you prefer more?


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