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5-Star Siu Mai Eateries in Hong Kong

siu mai in Hong Kong

Siu Mai, a type of dim sum, as well as street food that can be found literally anywhere in Hong Kong, from a high-end Chinese tea restaurant and a cha chaan teng (Hong Kong styled cafe) to a food stall and a convenient store. These yummy yellowish dumplings have somehow become a significant comfort food to every HongKongers. It would be a shame if you didn't try that while you were there. Follow our foodie guide today and find out the best Siu Mai Eateries in Hong Kong!


悅來老朱小食 @ Tuen Mun

Shop 15, G/F, Lung Mun Oasis, Tuen Mun

Can't decide the fillings of sui mai? Not to worry! This food stall sells sui mai with mixed fillings of pork and fish so you get to eat everything at once! The proportion of it is excellent. The dumpling size is relatively big to any other sui mai we had tried before. We recommend you to eat siu mai with a touch of soy sauce and spicy oil to bring the flavour out.

Kun Wah Congee Noodle 冠華粥麵 @ Tsuen Wan

Shop 7, G/F, Shek Fong House, Shek Wai Kok Estate, Tsuen Wan

Handmade sui mai is quite rare to find nowadays but you can find it here. Their sui mai is fluffy with a thin, glowing and shiny dumpling skin. The natural flavour of the dumpling is rich; it is highly recommended not to put too much sauce so it won't cover the natural flavour of it.

粉果佬 @ Tai Po

Shop 32, G/F, Fortune Plaza, 4 On Chee Road, Tai Po

Their sui mai is surprisingly soft with a strong taste of fish. The soy sauce they offer is mixed with Sichuan spices which is absolutely a perfect match with their handmade sui mai. If you like fish filling for sui mai, this is the place for you.

永豐潮州食品公司 @ To Kwa Wan

G/F, Fung Yue Mansion, 47-53 Kowloon City Road, To Kwa Wan

This store probably sells the least good-looking sui mai in Hong Kong. But guess what, you should always not to judge the book by its cover! Their sui mai is tasty with a strong fish or pork flavours! Their pork sui mai is filled with Shiitake mushroom which makes the texture even better. It is nothing like any other sui mai you could find on streets.

廣興車仔檔 @ Wong Tai Sin

85RW+V7, Chuk Un

If you are looking for a local hawker food stall for sui mai tasting, this is the one for you. Their siu mai is order-to-make and has the best savoury taste with the mix of soy sauce and spicy oil. You are lucky if you could find it because they don't open in fixed business hours. So don't miss out if you have spotted them!



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