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5th Art Central Hong Kong

Art Central 2019 was the fifth edition this year. It held at Central Harbourfront and lasted for five days from 27th - 31st March. It was my very first time to attend Art Central and everything was beyond my expectation. I was so impressed by the whole curation, loved how they arranged from modern art and contemporary work, to street food market and champagne. Have you ever been to Art Central? Do you like it or would you like to go next year? There's something that I was so glad that I didn't miss and I am gonna show you here. Let's get started, shall we?

Art Fair (2018), Kwon Neung, Oil on canvas, 91 x 233.6 cm
Artistic Performance (2019), Kwon Neung, Oil on canvas, 96.5 x 193.9 cm

Kwon Neung (1990) is a Korean artist. His painting style is very iconic and significant, having loads of well-known fictional characters and famous people from around the world with a familiar scenarios as a background in his paintings, has successfully caught audience's attention. He believes that reality and his imagination are inseparable. His work allows us to travel in time, as all of the characters in his paintings came from different period of time. This is what and how history created our present day.

Babel Hong Kong (2018), Emily Allchurch, Transparency on bespoke LED Lightbox, 120 x 157 x 8.3 cm
Solitary Temple Hong Kong (2019), Emily Allchurch, Transparency on bespoke LED Lightbox, 120 x 64.4 cm

A British artist Emily Allchurch (1974) who is best known for making digital montage and lightbox art by using digital photography to create artworks based on well-known masterpieces of world art. Babel Hong Kong (2018) is a "Hong Kong version" of The Tower of Babel by Pieter Bruegel. Allchurch took nearly 10,000 photos of Hong Kong last year, and at the end she selected more than 400 pictures to create Babel Hong Kong.

Chrono Cross III (2018), Angela Yuen, Plastic Toys, Perspex, Resin, LED Lights, Motor, 13.4 x 17.7 in

It's hard to imagine how these toys and stationaries can create such a beautiful scene of Hong Kong. Angela Yuen (1991) is a Hong Kong artist who explores survived culture and vanishing memories and feeling of the city where she belongs to. She is attached to all these little things that were once popular at a time. Her work helps us to put ourselves into it and think about how those things represent a specific culture.

I spent totally 4 hours over there. So whenever I felt exhausted, or I couldn't even feel my leg, I would then take a rest at The Terrace inside. There's eight different eateries in The Terrace and I tried three of them. They all have the actual restaurants out there around Central and Wanchai, therefore if you liked their food, you would still be able to eat them all again even Art Central was finished.

Chilli Fagara 麻辣燙 was the first one that I tried. I was their first customer of the day because I got there early. So I decided to have breakfast here. I ordered two pieces of spring onion pancake for $70. It was very expensive for the super small portion of two. The taste was alright. I knew it would be expensive to eat in Art Central, however this pancake does not worth the price. It was definitely something that I would not go for it again.

This eatery Bread & Beast | Kong 港 is best known for their Shelter crab cheesy cheung fun. I was longed for it so much. I thought I would be disappointed because I was over-anticipated about that, but it was totally beyond my expectation. This combination of cheung fun, shelter crumb and fish roe is surprisingly amazing. The sesame sauce with cheung fun is also a perfect match. There's nothing I can complaint about. I was thinking to order another one again but I knew I should try something new instead.

I always need something sweet after a meal, and Samsen 泰麵 can offer me a Thai dessert of mango sticky rice. I am a huge fan of mango sticky rice and this one is definitely one of the best. The mango was very fresh and sweet. I loved how they put crispy cornflakes on top of it which made the whole texture levelled up. I had never tried something like this elsewhere. Samsen will now be on my go-to restaurant list and I would probably order this dessert each time when I visited.

I can't wait for the sixth edition of Art Central now! And you?


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