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6 Fun Facts that You May Not Know About Vatican

Vatican City

Vatican is commonly known as a tiny region but there are lots of interesting facts about this place that you should know more than just one simple fact. Read on and let them surprise you!

1. The Smallest Country in the World is Vatican City

Everyone knows Vatican City is the smallest country on earth, but you may not know that this independent city-state is only 1/8 the size of the Central Park in New York. This country has its own flag and national anthem, issues their own passports and prints its own postal and collection stamps just like any other countries.

2. The Vatican Mail is Faster than the Italian Postal Service

Your postcard or parcel could arrive earlier if you had it sent from Vatican City than Rome. Their postal service is very popular among the locals and tourists. One of the main sources of their income is the postage and collection stamp sales. So make sure you buy some stamps before leaving the Vatican.

3. No Citizens are Born in the Vatican

Citizenship of the state is not granted based on birth from a citizen and/or birth within the Vatican. Perhaps it is because there is no hospital in the area of the state but only located in Rome. Therefore, this state has citizen but no one is born in the country.

4. The Official Language of Vatican is Latin

Although Vatican City is a country inside a country, their official language isn't Italian but Latin. Their ATMs are the only on in the world that work in Latin. Bring some cash with you if you can't read any Latin or you would just end up spending so much time on Google Translate, trying to figure out how it works.

5. Most Vatican citizens Do not Reside in the State

The majority of Vatican citizens live abroad, in Rome or other regions in Italy. Only 1/3 of residents like cardinals, members of the Swiss Guard, clergy and nun live within the Vatican. Therefore, most of them travel to work from another country every day.

6. Vatican City Owns One of the World’s Largest Art Collections

Most world’s famous artwork such as painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and other artwork like heritage status can be easily found in the Vatican Museum. This place is a home to more than 70,000 works. Basically, everything you see in their museums from your sight is a piece of art. Don’t miss out any details while you are there!



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