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8 Must-try Japanese Cuisine in Your Lifetime

Everyone knows that sushi is one of the signature dishes in Japan; but what about the others? Japanese cuisine has made a significant influence to the culture of many countries. Now it seems like everyone loves Japanese food and almost can't live without it. Here's a list of recommended 8 Japanese dishes that every foodie needs to try for sure.

Sashimi Donburi
  • Sashimi Donburi Fresh raw seafood and fish are the spirit of a sashimi donburi. A set of donburi usually comes with a small bowl of miso soup as a starter, and a big bowl of sushi rice covered with loads of fresh raw fish on top. It tastes even better with a bit of wasabi if you dare to try...

  • Udon There are so many types of udon in Japan; You can choose whatever toppings you would like it to be served with. It could serve in either a hot bowl with soup base or in an empty plate as a cold dish. If you are lucky enough to find the handmade udon in a noodle shop, just go for it! This could be the most authentic udon you'll ever have in your life.

  • Takoyaki If you are looking for the best street food in Japan, try Takoyaki! These little balls are tasty, filled with octopus pieces and topped with katsuobushi, teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. It's not that difficult to find these on the street, so make sure you try them right away when you spot one!

Sweet shrimp sashimi
  • Sashimi Sashimi comes in a huge variety. It could be any sorts of seafood or fishes from salmon and tuna to crab and scallop. Our favourite one is sweet shrimps. If they are fresh enough, they taste sweet with a touch of sea salt. You can simply eat them without any soy sauce and the taste is still excellent.

  • Kakigori Japanese shaved ice is very popular and loved by locals, especially in summertime. It is the best drink and dessert under hot weather. You can choose your favourite syrups like soft drink, strawberry or matcha. Sometimes you may even add different toppings like fruits and condensed milk, too.

  • Kushikatsu This is the perfect example of a combination of tempura and kebab. These deep-fried skewered meats and vegetables are very common in Izakaya restaurant. It is recommended to eat kushikatsu with sake. This combo is always loved by locals and has been treated as one of a must-do afterwork activities in Japanese culture.

  • Unagi Finally there is a fish that has been well-cooked in Japan and the number one must be unagi. You can find this Japanese eel cooked with teriyaki sauce in a donburi or sushi. It is normally boneless, very tender and tastes sweet. Therefore, if you don't fancy eating any raw fish, try unagi!

  • Tonkatsu How does a deep-fried pork cutlet sound to you? A set of tonkatsu will feed your tummy right. It comes with a small bowl of miso soup, some cabbages, and Japanese rice. These tempura styled pork cutlets are tender, crispy and juicy. No wonder everyone loves eating it as a main dish most of the time!

So what's your favourite Japanese dish? Let us know!



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