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9 Best Travel Apps to Use Now

Travel couldn't be any easier when you have some apps installed in your mobile device. In this article, we are going to tell you 9 different best travel apps that you should absolutely start using now for your upcoming trips in the future. From itinerary app and currency app to photo editing app and travel record app, they will all completely change your life and make your day perfect! Get your phone ready now! All apps are available on all App Store.

The Best Itinerary App: Tripit

If you are those who enjoy making a plan before your trip, this is the app for you. Tripit is an itinerary app that allows you to add a plan for your trip to anywhere in the world. It is like a reminder to store your trip information from flight details and your accommodation address to sightseeing attractions and restaurant locations. It keeps your itinerary and timetable handy!

The Best Maps App: Google Maps

No other maps app can be as good as Google Maps. Their database is rich and you can find literally everything here. They help you with directions to your destinations, while you can also save and pin the locations in your Google account. It is very easy to use. Sometimes you will be able to discover honest reviews from other users, or even discounts and promotions from the locations you searched for. What a surprise!

The Best Currency App: Currency

Of course it's difficult to get familiar with the local currency when you are away from home. Therefore, it becomes very handy to have a currency app installed in your mobile. The app Currency looks just like a calculator. You can convert the home currency and local currency you selected from their huge database. They even show you a current rate for reference. We love it!

The Best Translations App: Google Translate

Language barrier no longer exists when you use Google Translate! This translations app allows you to translate your first language to any other languages easily. Don't worry if you can't input a language, like the word from a menu, you can even take a picture of it, and it will take care of the rest for you! Or simply click the speaker icon and it will speak for you. How wonderful it is!

The Best Taxi App: Uber / Grab

Transport involves an important role in your trip, and there's always a reason when you need a taxi. So a taxi app could be helpful for you. Either Uber or Grab are perfect for you. Uber operates in most cities in the world; while Grab is commonly being used in South East Asia. Input the pickup point and the destination, the taxi will come right to you and drive you to the location in no time. Easy, right?

The Best Food Delivery App: Deliveroo

Sometimes you don't feel like going out for food after a long day of exploring the city, that's totally fine because you have a food delivery app installed in your phone. Deliveroo is here to help. It operates in almost 800 cities across 12 countries. If it's available in your area, you are in luck! Search for your favourite cuisine, or simply discover a new local restaurant in the nearby, they will deliver the food for you right away.

The Best Photo Editing App: Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app software that is advanced, professional yet easy to use for photo editing beginners. There are loads of filter presets to choose from. You may also edit the images from basic cropping and colour tuning to advance editing and removing something from the background by healing. The app is free. Can you believe that?

The Best Social Media Story App: Unfold

Now posting a temporary feed is popular; everyone loves a quality social media story app, just like this one Unfold. This app allows you to work on your story feed in professional and beautiful ways. You can now post your pictures and make your Instagram story in an animated grid style with your own personality at the same time. Some features are free, some are paid.

The Best Travel Record App: been

Last but not least, you will need a travel record app to complete your bucket list. been is a simple-yet-beautiful, and very-easy-to-use app that allows you to tick the countries off that you've been to. It will also tell you how much percentage that you've been to in the same continent. For the US, it allows you to record the destinations by states. We love the design very much!



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