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A Beginner's Travel Guide to Ljubljana City Centre

Are you a first timer to Ljubljana, Slovenia? No need to panic because we've got your back! If you are going to stay in downtown Ljubljana for a day or two, here's a perfect travel guide for you! Follow us today and discover the places that you should visit with us while you are there! Let's go!

Visit a Gorgeous Catholic Church in Ljubljana

Our favourite church in Ljublijana goes to Cerkev Marijinega oznanjenja. As known as The Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, this gorgeous Catholic church is located right in the heart of city centre. It is very easy to spot because of its beautiful blood orange colour on the outside. We don't see how anyone would have missed it when you were around.

Browse the City by Crossing the Bridges in Ljubljana

Ordinary bridges are everywhere in this city by the river; but Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge definitely stand out from the crowds. The Triple Bridge, obviously is a group of three bridges connecting the new town and the old town together. While the Dragon Bridge is located a few blocks away, it's a road bridge that leads you to some fantastic local markets and restaurants.

Observe the Stunning City View of Ljubljana

Ljubljana Castle is sitting on the Castle Hill above Ljubljana city centre. You can take a funicular lift service to/from downtown Ljubljana and the castle; this time machine will take you back to 11th century to the key landmark of the town. You will also be able to enjoy the fascinating 360-degree city view of Ljubljana. And it's probably the best part of the castle tour!

Explore the Ljubljana City Centre & its Old Town

You may visit Ljubljana Town Hall as your first stop in downtown Ljubljana. Then you can explore a bit of the old town by visiting the Ljubljana Cathedral and the local outdoor markets, or have a great authentic Slovenian meal in a beautifully decorated restaurant in the new town.


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