A Day Trip to Rocky Qrendi in Malta 馬爾他基倫迪區一日遊

To be fair, I shouldn't just say Qrendi is rocky because the whole Malta is actually full of stones and basically, rocky. However, I guess I had seen more than enough rocks and stones in a day when I was visiting Qrendi area so I guess this place earned the name without any hesitation. Let's see what kinds of stones I found there!

其實不只是Qrendi 基倫迪,基本上整個馬爾他到處都是佈滿石頭的。不過我在基倫迪的這一天,除了石頭以外,就好像沒看到其他東西了⋯⋯ 現在就來看看我在這看到了什麼樣的石頭吧!

The first stop I went was Ħaġar Qim which is an archaeological site. I also found another called Mnajdra where it is close to each others. I simply didn't know why I was here honestly. I had no ideas what I had just seen as these stones didn't really impress me... I guess I'm not that into history stuff... well, at least I think you wouldn't be able to tell the differences between these two sites like me, and yes, these two pictures were taken in a different site and I literally don't see any differences. LOL

第一站我來到了Ħaġar Qim 黑格寺廟考古遺址。同時在附近也有另一個考古遺址叫做Mnajdra。老實說,我真的不知道我在這看了些什麼⋯⋯ 我不是很明白為什麼我花了錢進來看石頭⋯⋯ 看來應該是我對歷史東西沒太大的興趣了。不過我猜你們其實也不會發現它們兩者之間到底有什麼分別,嗯對的,這兩張照片是兩個地方來的⋯⋯

Blue Grotto was the second stop and I found it so impressive and amazing. I'd say there's nothing you could actually compare to the previous stony temple ruin... it's still all about stone but why is that so much nicer? LOL I managed to take a quick boat trip into the caves and the experience was just amazing. Although you wouldn't be able to take pictures of the cave from far, you'd still be able to go underneath and see the stones and water in a closer look. These stones were so colourful and the water was so clean and clear like I had never seen such blue colour before!

第二站來到Blue Grotto 藍洞!這地方實在是太棒了!可以說是完全不能更前面的爛石來比較!這藍洞雖然也是石頭,但是為什麼會好看這麼多!?我去坐了船去遊覽到了藍洞的裡面!這體驗真的很不錯,雖然在那沒辦法拍到什麼,但是可以近距離看到顏色這麼豐富的石頭,還有這麼藍的海水!真的非常值得!

Just don't forget to take a look from far from the observation deck!


Blue Cave Restaurant

Il-Qrendi, Malta

Last but not least, I had my lovely dinner after I finished the 20-minute boat trip here. I didn't choose this restaurant in purpose but I thought it'd be nice to have a dinner when I came here specially for the cave. Thanks for the name so that I had an amazing time here. This meal was the most expensive one that I had when I was in Malta. It cost me about 35 euro. But I guess seafood is always expensive. I think the portion is a big for me so I didn't finish the whole thing. The seafood was fresh and tasty, especially the soup base was totally my favourite. I also loved the roasted vegetable and potato a lot. It'd be better if the meal could come quicker though as I was starving...


Overall 總括而言: ★★★★☆

Have fun exploring rocky Malta! 玩得開心!




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