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A for Architecture, B for Barcelona

Everyone talks about the extraordinary catholic church La Sagrada Familia when they talks about Barcelona. This is actually one of the must-go attraction there but its building has been going under construction for a very very long time and I guess it's going to be like this until 2026... That's why I didn't pay to get inside because I was planning to go there again when the work's finished. Therefore, I am going to take you to see something else, some other architectures that you shouldn't miss while you are there.

If you are crazy about architecture, Barcelona is definitely a place for you. There is an alternative option for you to visit another great church which is Catedral de Barcelona. Although it ain't got a thing of the famous La Sagrada Familia, I still believe that it's a lovely church that you should really have a look.

There's two architectures that you should never miss, one is Casa Mila and the other one is Casa Batllo. Casa means home in Spanish. I didn't really have enough time to visit both attractions so I chose Casa Batllo instead. Why? I loved it at first sight because the exterior is so colourful and beautiful. The other one is lovely too but I always go for something colourful. haha

These two places are very close to each other and they both provides free audio guide in lots of different languages. The entrance isn't free though and it was relatively expensive by comparing to other attractions. But I'm sure you'd find it very worthy. 

So which one is your favourite?


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