A for Architecture, B for Barcelona 巴塞羅那的建築

Everyone talks about the extraordinary catholic church La Sagrada Familia when they talks about Barcelona. This is actually one of the must-go attraction there but its building has been going under construction for a very very long time and I guess it's going to be like this until 2026... That's why I didn't pay to get inside because I was planning to go there again when the work's finished. Therefore, I am going to take you to see something else, some other architectures that you shouldn't miss while you are there.

當大家說起西班牙Barcelona 巴塞羅那的時候,都會提到那個非常有名的La Sagrada Familia 聖家堂。其實這個教堂的確是巴塞羅那的必去景點之一。可是這個教堂已經不知道從哪時開始便已經一直在維修,而且好像要修到2026年⋯⋯ 到底是什麼事情⋯⋯ 再去看一下哈哈。這次我要帶大家來到巴塞羅那看看其他也很值得一看的建築物!

If you are crazy about architecture, Barcelona is definitely a place for you. There is an alternative option for you to visit another great church which is Catedral de Barcelona. Although it ain't got a thing of the famous La Sagrada Familia, I still believe that it's a lovely church that you should really have a look.

如果你十分喜歡欣賞建築物,巴塞羅那絕對是你要來的一個城市!除了聖家堂,你還可以來看一下Catedral de Barcelona 巴塞羅那大教堂。雖然它跟聖家堂完全不一樣,但是還是有讓你來好好欣賞的原因。

There's two architectures that you should never miss, one is Casa Mila and the other one is Casa Batllo. Casa means home in Spanish. I didn't really have enough time to visit both attractions so I chose Casa Batllo instead. Why? I loved it at first sight because the exterior is so colourful and beautiful. The other one is lovely too but I always go for something colourful. haha

These two places are very close to each other and they both provides free audio guide in lots of different languages. The entrance isn't free though and it was relatively expensive by comparing to other attractions. But I'm sure you'd find it very worthy. 

So which one is your favourite?

另外就是有兩個你絕對不能錯過的建築物,它們就是Casa Mila 米拉之家Casa Batllo 巴特羅公寓。Casa在西班牙語裡面的意思是家。很可惜我並沒有足夠的時間把兩個都參觀了,所以我最後選了去巴特羅公寓。主要原因是因為我被它色彩繽紛的外觀吸引了!米拉之家其實也很特別,只是我通常都會偏向有顏色的東西哈哈! 這兩個地方剛好都在附近,而且他們都有提供多種語言且免費的語音導覽機。當然門票就不是免費的了,而且相比其他的景點來說,這兩個的收費都挺貴。不過我相信你們也會覺得值得的。


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