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A Green Travel Guide to the World

The colour of green, probably the most comfortable colour on earth, while it usually associates with nature, brings us a good sense of eco-friendly environment, freshness, natural beauty and youthfulness. Let's follow our visual travel guide to the greenest places in the world and discover the real beauty in green!

An Underground Portuguese Reservoir in Morocco

This Portugues Cistern is located in the previous Portuguese city of EI Jadida; it is now an ancient cultural heritage monument in Morocco. La Citerne Portugaise was used to be a big tank for catching and storing rainwater and worked as a water supply. The architecture itself wasn't originally green but after years it turned into a sublime secret reservoir.

La Citerne Portugaise | Rue Hachmi Bahbah, El Jadida, Morocco

Northern Lights - the Colour of Nature

As long as you are in the auroral oval area, you'll have a chance to spot the greatest Northern Lights in the dark. From early October to late March, Iceland will definitely be one of the countries that you should go for aurora borealis hunting. Green is actually the most common colour of Northern Lights; therefore, if you are lucky enough, you'd be able to see lights in other tones like violet and orange.

Anywhere far away from the city | Iceland

A Rocky Lion Grove Garden in Green

The Lion Grove Garden is located in the middle of Suzhou, Jiangsu province. It is well-known for large stone arrangements and a stunning fresh green bamboo garden. The shape of those rocks in the garden resemble lions and this is how this place gained its name. You will realise you have actually stepped into a rocky green forest when you are here.

Lion Grove Garden | 23 Yuanlin Rd, Gusu District, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Signature Green Dutch Cottage and Windmills

Zaandam is a town away from the city that is filled with loads of traditional green Dutch cottages and windmills. The whole area Zaanse Schans is just like an open-air museum where you can visit houses by houses. In addition, you should definitely not to miss the iconic cottage stacked Hotel Inntel Zaandam while you are there.

Zaanse Schans | Zaandam, Netherlands

World-famous Statue on an Island

Everyone knows that the Statue of Liberty is one of the signature attraction in New York City. But did you know that the statue wasn't originally in such mint green colour? It was made from pure brown copper before 1886 until now it has been done with oxidised coat to keep it shine for longer.

Statue of Liberty National Monument | New York, NY 10004, USA


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