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A Half Day Trip from Bratislava to Devin Castle

Ways to Get to Devin Castle

Devin Castle is a museum that showcases permanent and seasonal exhibitions about the history of the castle from as early as 12th century and the middle ages to 19th. This castle is in the area of Devin where it is also considered to be within the district of Bratislava. However, it's not in the city centre. It is still not difficult to reach there. There are different ways to get to the castle from midtown Bratislava easily: take public transport, go on a road trip, join a boat tour, ride on your own bike or even hiking.

How to Get to Devin Castle

By Bus - Bus no.28 takes you to the stop Devin directly from town the New Bridge (Most SNP) in about 20 minutes. It's the most convenient way to get there if you are travelling from Bratislava city centre.

By Car - If you feel more comfortable by driving, then you should definitely go for it. Head towards Karlova Ves and turn onto Devinska cesta in the highway where it will lead you to the castle with ease.

By Boat - You can simply join a boat tour provided by the official operator if you prefer a relaxing slow-paced trip. This special route is operated twice a day (10:00 and 14:30) from the stop Fajnorovo nabrezie. The whole journey is about 3 hours and 30 minutes which includes 2 hour stopover at Devin.

Hiking - From Zatevna you can follow the marked hiking trail and expect to arrive in Devin Castle in about two hours. Go through Devinska Kobyla so you get to the Devin neighbourhood and then from there you can easily find the castle.

Cycling - There's a bike path along the river Danube. Follow the path and you should arrive at Devin Castle in about 40 minutes. Just remember to reserve some times for a short rest and photos of the view on the way!

Opening Hours and Entry of Devin Castle

From April to November, 10am to 5pm, the castle is open to the public on the weekdays except for Mondays. For weekends, it is open as usual until 7pm, but in April, October and November, it is open from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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