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A Hiking Day in Vilnius

You wouldn't believe how much time I spent in one single park while I was in Vilnius. It took me almost a whole day to explore few spots within Pavilniu regioninis parkas (Pavilniu Regional Park). This park is huge and I actually thought it was a park only. I wasn't prepared to climb... I thought the park would be something like Hype Park, or Regent Park in London... but this one is more like a forest to me... which I found it so special and beautiful, even the weather was bad.

There's two main spot that I think you should really check them out. One of them is Puckoriu atodanga (Puckoriu g. 9A, Vilnius 11300, Lithuania). It is an observation deck and you would be able to see the park from top. It was a bit foggy when I was there. Hopefully I would have a chance to go back there again next time under a better weather condition.

It snowed a bit which allowed me to see a different view of the park. It feels like I had been there in Autumn and Winter time on the same day! How amazing it is.

The second spot that I want to mention is Markuciu parkas (Subaciaus g. 137, Vilnius 11345, Lithuania) which is actually still inside the same park. I accidentally found this place on google maps and I just loved it. Why? It's because I had never seen a frozen lake like this! Can anyone tell me why this frozen lake has such pattern? I simply don't know why but I'm super curious! Although you probably won't see something like this when you go there in a different time, or even in a different season. I am now imagining how it looks like when it's not frozen.

I should try taking a picture of myself standing on top of the frozen lake... maybe next time, or never.


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