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A New Gifting Trend of Handmade Products

Christmas is coming in less than a month; it is now absolutely the best time to look for some quality Xmas gifts for your secret Santa & angel. Crafts and handmade products are totally on trend, especially when it comes to jewellery and accessories. From beadwork and quilling to crochet and embroidery, there's always something you and your friends will love! Let's see what gifts our editors at Well Voyaged picked for you!

5 Different Craft Products You Should Buy this Christmas

1. Beadwork

Mini Cherry Blossom Earrings HK$160.00


2. Crochet

Eco Plastic Mini Bucket Bag HK$345.00


3. Embroidery

Handmade Embroidery Flower Hoop Earrings HK$460.00


4. Quilled Paper

Colourful Paper Diamond Tile Earrings HK$280.00




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