A Quick Walking Tour in Plovdiv 普羅夫迪夫的暴走遊記

Probably Plovdiv is the second best tourist city in Bulgaria apart from their capital city Sofia. This city is best known with their traditional Bulgarian architecture which I like most! These old buildings are so colourful and beautiful. The whole street was full of these little houses. Many of them are now used as museums or art galleries. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to get it and see what's inside because none of them was open on Monday... It's sad but true.

保加利亞的Plovdiv 普羅夫迪夫應該是除了首都Sofia 蘇菲亞以外,最多旅客去的城市了。這裡最有名的大概就是傳統的保加利亞建築,而我也非常喜歡,因為這些房子都很可愛且色彩繽紛!整條街都是這些小房子,很多都已經被用作博物館或藝術館了。但是很可惜我沒有機會進去裡面看看,因為它們全部都剛好在星期一閉館⋯⋯

The little box on the right was called a "Gossips Room". I guess I could manage to be a good "gossip girl" if I lived in that century and I assume I could make money for that. What a fun job!


If you have seen enough old buildings, perhaps you could check this park out. There was seven hills in Plovdiv when the ancient town was founded. And Nebet Tepe is one of them. From here, you could see lots of ancient historical sites, and also the view of Plovdiv from top! 

如果你看夠了建築物,或者你可以來到這個公園看景。在普羅夫迪夫這個古老小鎮被發現的當時有著七座小山丘,而這個Nebet Tepe 公園便是其中一個了。在這裡,你可以在高處欣賞普羅夫迪夫的美景,同時又會看到很多以前留下來的痕跡!

Have you ever seen a half of the Ancient Theatre? This was my first time to see one. It wasn't because it had been damaged but was built like this. And this historical site is now open for performance and event uses. 


Hemingway Restaurant 10, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

It's time to talk about food after all the visits. I randomly chose a restaurant on Google maps which has relatively high rating and a lot of reviews. That's why I gave it a try. To be honest, I found their food quite salty which I don't really fancy about. I would say the soup was the best amongst the other two dishes. However, the service, the atmosphere and the prices were good and reasonable. So I would say it's so-so overall.

去了這麼多景點後,當然又來到吃飯的時候了哈哈!我又隨機在Google地圖找了一家餐廳,看到有很多評論,而且評分挺高,就來了。但是坦白說,這家餐廳的食物對於我來講實在是有點鹹了…… 那個湯是三個菜裡面最好吃的了。不過,他們的服務、餐廳的氣氛和價格都很不錯且合理,所以總括來說還是可以,就一般般。

Overall 總括而言: ★★★☆☆

Oh It's time to get back to Sofia! Bye Plovdiv! Hope to see you again! 


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