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A Sunday in Montpellier

If you have been to France on a Sunday before, you should know what it’s like as I’m not sure how I should describe it appropriately but I think the below picture tells you a story...

Oh yes, it is EMPTY. Literally nothing is open, from all the shops to museums, nothing. Even most of the restaurants were closed and all I could find was some ice cream shops and cafes... Therefore I do suggest that you shouldn’t possibly visit France on a Weekend, especially a Sunday. Otherwise you’ll miss quite a lot as you weren’t able to get it to some great galleries and museums.

However, life must goes on... I spent the whole day wandering around the city when I was in Montpellier. This city is so artistic and creative which I loved it most. I accidentally found a huge painting on a building’s wall which is right opposite to the church called Eglise Saint Roch, and you can even see the “reflection of the church” in the painting on the top right. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’ve also found a bike randomly parked on the wall. What? It’s weird but it’s lovely too! I couldn’t believe that I accidentally found “the other half” somewhere else in the city! It’s like the bike travelled in time! 

However, if you are not interested in art stuff, perhaps you would like their architectures? There's so many things to see around the city. And you could also find the Arc de Tripmphe here too! Don't forget to go and have a look of the Les Arceaux after passing the Royal Place of Peyrou. These are something that you shouldn't really miss when you are in Montpellier! 

I was so lucky to have such a nice sky that day! It's perfect for my pictures! Yeah!


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