Back in Time: An Old Norwegian Town in Oslo 回到過去的挪威奧斯陸小鎮

Have you thought of travelling back in time? I love travelling around the world, and I'd also love to travel around different universals if it's possible. Normally we see bunch of historical stuff or old photographs to know more about something happened in the last century in museums. However, when you've come to this Norwegian museum in Oslo, you will be able to "experience" the past in person. This is a huge outdoor museum with extensive collections of different traditional houses and churches. It's just like a small old town inside a museum. I felt like I was inside a movie or so.

你有想過要回到過去嗎?我自己就很喜歡旅遊的,所以如果有可能可以旅遊到另外的平行時空,感覺好像也不錯喔。一般來說我們都會在博物館裏看到一些歷史物品和照片從而知道以前發生過的事情。不過,當你來到挪威Oslo 奧斯陸的這個博物館,你便可以親身感受「從前」了。這個博物館是在户外的,裡面有很多不同的傳統挪威房子和教堂,就好像是一個在博物館裡面的小鎮,讓你彷如親歷其中。

Norsk Folkemuseum (The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History) Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo, Norway

There's so much to explore inside the museum and I don't think I saw all of them within my visit for an hour. Only some of the houses and churches are accessible so it wouldn't take much time to explore the whole museum though. I like those little houses so much, they are so colourful and pretty in some ways... haha! I think I'd love the church more if it's in colour! LOL


I can even find a cute car inside an old styled petrol station! How adorable it is!


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