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Back in Time: An Old Norwegian Town in Oslo

Have you thought of travelling back in time? I love travelling around the world, and I'd also love to travel around different universals if it's possible. Normally we see bunch of historical stuff or old photographs to know more about something happened in the last century in museums. However, when you've come to this Norwegian museum in Oslo, you will be able to "experience" the past in person. This is a huge outdoor museum with extensive collections of different traditional houses and churches. It's just like a small old town inside a museum. I felt like I was inside a movie or so.

Norsk Folkemuseum (The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History) | Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo, Norway

There's so much to explore inside the museum and I don't think I saw all of them within my visit for an hour. Only some of the houses and churches are accessible so it wouldn't take much time to explore the whole museum though. I like those little houses so much, they are so colourful and pretty in some ways... haha! I think I'd love the church more if it's in colour! LOL

I can even find a cute car inside an old styled petrol station! How adorable it is!

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