Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2018 布里斯托爾國際熱氣球嘉年華

I have been longing to see this balloon fiesta for so long and finally I made it to Bristol for this 4-day long festival from 09/08/2018 to 12/08/2018. The thing is, I was here for the whole time, but I could only see the mass balloon ascent once... why? It's the weather! The first two days I tried to catch the balloon lift in the evening so I made it to the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge around 5pm to find the best view. Even it was sunny in both evening but they decided to cancel the ascent because of the high wind.

我想去Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 布里斯托爾國際熱氣球嘉年華已經很久了,今年終於有時間可以去布里斯托玩幾天了!這個嘉年華會是從8月9號開始到8月12號結束,我剛好這四天都在那,但是我卻只看到了一次的熱氣球升空⋯⋯ 就是因為天氣不好了⋯⋯ 頭兩次我都在五點左右到了有名的Clifton Suspension Bridge 克利夫頓吊橋,提早為了找個好位置看熱氣球,結果即使天氣明朗,但還是因為風太大的原因取消了。

The third day I tried to catch the one in early morning at 6am so I got up at 4:30am and walked for 40 minutes to the bridge for another chance of seeing a magical moment... And I finally succeed. I did want to cry when I saw the first one flying up to the sky. It was a miracle. This was the only one mass ascent out of seven successfully taking place and I just couldn't believe that I caught it.

第三天我就試一下去看看早上的那一場,所以我凌晨四點半就起床了,然後走了四十分鐘到了那條橋,希望這次有機會看得到。這次我終於真的看到了!我一看到第一個熱氣球慢慢飛上來的時候,真的很想哭呢⋯⋯ 這真的是一個奇蹟,因為這四天裡,總共有七個大型的熱氣球升空,但是只有這一次是沒有被取消的!太感動了!

What else did I do in the fiesta? I actually only went to Ashton Court (where the balloon fiesta took place) once in the first late evening around 7pm. The first mass balloon lift was cancelled and I thought maybe I could still see the Night Glow and the fireworks in Ashton Court. The bridge was closed from 6pm until midnight due to the fireworks... so I literally spent more time on walking to the fiesta...

然後整個旅程裡,其實我也只去了一次那個嘉年華。就是第一個晚上在橋的那一邊等不到熱氣球升空,後來就走過去嘉年華會,想說去看看會不會可以趕上晚上的亮燈和煙火。而且重點是,因為放煙火的關係,所以橋就不開放了⋯⋯ 我還多走了很多的路才能到達現場⋯⋯

Yes the weather looked perfect and sunny but it was super windy. No wonder they cancelled the first ascent... Although there was no balloon lift in the evening, it was super crowded because everyone was waiting for the Night Glow and the fireworks at 9pm. I didn't arrive early so I couldn't find the best spot for the show unfortunately. However, the show was fantastic, I especially liked the background music, it just made me feel like I was in a party! They ended the fiesta with fireworks and music, but I actually think that the fireworks were a bit too weak... okay... but the music was very energetic! Love it!

沒錯,天氣看起來明明就是超好的,但風確實是超級大⋯⋯ 雖然熱氣球升空取消了,但是還是有很多人在等待晚上九點的亮燈和煙火呢!我這次沒辦法早到搶好位置,不過表演還是超級震撼的!我最喜歡的是那些背景音樂,真的好有派對的氣氛和感覺喔!最後結果之前就放了一下下的煙火,感覺是挺弱的啦,不過音樂搭夠,我還是很喜歡!

Did you go to the fiesta this year too? More importantly, did you see the balloons as well?


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