Castle Visit in Vianden 維安登城堡遊

This Vianden Castle is located in Vianden, Luxembourg where is close to Germany. It took almost two hours to get there from Luxembourg city. I first took a train to Ettelbruck and then took a bus transfer to Vianden. It wasn't really easy to get there honestly, but I am sure it's going to worth it.

這個維安登城堡就在盧森堡Vianden 維安登,一個與德國非常接近的盧森堡城市。從Luxembourg City 盧森堡市出發前往維安登大約需要兩小時。首先我從市中心坐火車到一個叫做Ettelbruck的城市,然後再轉一趟巴士才能到達維安登。說實話,我覺得去得有點不容易,但是我知道是值得的!

It was an amazing sunny day that I almost got burned. I couldn't even believe that I was lucky enough to have captured the little rainbow upon the fountain. The weather was too good to believe I was truly there. It was just like a dream to me.


It wasn't a really busy day in town so I just chilled, wandered,  and had fun exploring this little city. I didn't really plan anything to do here except visiting the castle, so I had quite a lot of free time exploring. I had a quick lunch outdoor... (I didn't really mean to have it quickly, but it was too sunny to stay outdoor for any longer so I had to.) Then I spent like an hour inside the castle. The castle wasn't that huge, but it was super crowded so I couldn't even have time to take photographs but to keep on moving... that was the only thing that I didn't like. Everything else was perfect.

Finally, I was walking back to the bus stop to get the bus back to the train station. However, I missed the bus because I spent quite a lot of time taking pictures of the surrounding views. The next bus was coming in an hour so I got another extra hour to spent. 



*Light bulb* I saw this thing when I was climbing up to the castle and now I got some time to check that out! Therefore I went to Der Sessellift for a return ride. This thing was named as a "Chairlift". This was a very good experience for me since I got more images after taking the chairlift. And this is where, and why I could take the pictures of the castle from far. I just loved it.

So It was time to get back to Luxembourg City. Goodbye to Vianden.

幸好在前往城堡的路上看到了這個Der Sessellift Chairlift 椅子升降機,就想到可以在這一小時內去坐一趟來回。突然覺得原來錯過了一班車,也可以是一件好事喔哈哈!我要感謝自己錯過了那班車,讓我自己有機會拍到更多不同角度的景色,很喜歡,真的很喜歡!現在是時候要回去盧森堡市了,再見了,維安登。

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