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Castle Visit in Vianden

From Luxembourg City to Vianden

This Vianden Castle is located in Vianden, Luxembourg where is close to Germany. It took us almost two hours to get there from Luxembourg city. We first took a train to Ettelbruck and then took a bus transfer to Vianden. It wasn't really easy to get there honestly, but it's going to worth it.

Vianden under Amazing Weather is Fantastic

It was an amazing sunny day that we almost got burned. We were lucky enough to have captured that little rainbow upon the fountain. The weather was too good to believe that we were truly there. It was just like a dream to us.

Enjoy a Laid-back Lifestyle in Vianden

It wasn't really a busy day in town so we just chilled, wandered,  and had fun exploring this little city. We didn't plan to do anything here but to visit the castle. We had a quick lunch in a pub, then we spent like an hour inside the castle. The castle wasn't that huge, but it was super crowded. Luckily we missed the bus and the next bus was coming in an hour so we got another extra hour to spend.

Going on a Chairlift Ride for the Spectacular View of Vianden

*Light bulb* Let's go on a Der Sessellift for a return ride since we've got extra time. This thing is a "Chairlift". That was a very good experience for us since you would have a chance to take lovely pictures from the chairlift viewpoint. And this is where, and why we could take the pictures of the castle from far. We just loved it.

So It was time to get back to Luxembourg City. Goodbye to Vianden.


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