Christmas Markets in Vilnius 維爾紐斯的聖誔市集

It's the month of Christmas! I think Christmas is my favourite western festival at all time because everywhere is so festive and beautiful with all those glamours decorations! I'm not religious though so the only thing that I always do in or before Christmas is to visit the markets. I always found these markets so interesting to browse because they all look so pretty and different to the others. Let's see what I've found when I was in Vilnius before Christmas.

十二月份是聖誕月喔!我覺得聖誕節應該是我最喜歡的西方節日了,因為到處都很有節日氣氛,而且都佈滿好看的燈飾!不過因為我沒有信仰,基本上來到聖誕節的時候我都是去逛一下周圍的聖誕市集就沒了。我其實還蠻喜歡逛市集的喔,不只是因為賣的東西可愛,而且市集的攤位都很漂亮且很不一樣!現在就來看看我聖誕節之前在立陶宛Vilnius 維爾紐斯找到的兩個市集吧。

I think Vilnius has the cutest Christmas markets on earth because I've never seen such things elsewhere. When I first talked about market, I thought it would be like a line of temporary unfurnished popup store. But the first one that I found here totally changed my mind. I found this cutest Christmas market in Town Hall Square which was just right in front of the Tourist Information Centre. I thought I was in Finland! Look at these individual glass igloos, they were all different shops which sells Christmas themed products or jewellery designer items. I just didn't want to leave in the end.

我覺得維爾紐斯有著全世界最可愛的聖誕市集了!因為我真的好像沒有在其他地方看到過一樣的東西了!當我想到市集的時候,我第一時間想到的就是一行並列在一起,看起來很普通的臨時商店。但是直到我在維爾紐斯Town Hall Square 市政廳廣場找到的第一個市集後,我就對聖誕市集改觀了。我差一點還以為自己到了芬蘭!你們看看那些玻璃冰屋,其實都是一個一個獨立的商店,裡面都賣著跟聖誕有關或是一些首飾品。我最後真的不想走的啦!

So the second one that I found was just right in the middle of the Cathedral Square. I like this one very much too, especially when the light was on at night. I literally think that these two markets were the best Christmas markets on earth (so far). I spent quite a lot of time wandering around this market and I actually bought quite a few things here. I never wanted to leave, I am serious.

第二個我找到的聖誕市集是在Cathedral Square 大教堂廣場的中間。這個我也很喜歡,尤其是在晚上燈開著的時候!我真的是覺得這兩個市集是我暫時看過最好的了。我在這裡面花了很多時間,也買了一些小東西。認真說,我真的沒有想要離開這啦!

Which market do you like more? Have you been to some nice Christmas markets this year? Let me know!


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