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Christmas Markets in Vilnius

It's the month of Christmas! I think Christmas is my favourite western festival at all time because everywhere is so festive and beautiful with all those glamours decorations! I'm not religious though so the only thing that I always do in or before Christmas is to visit the markets. I always found these markets so interesting to browse because they all look so pretty and different to the others. Let's see what I've found when I was in Vilnius before Christmas.

I think Vilnius has the cutest Christmas markets on earth because I've never seen such things elsewhere. When I first talked about market, I thought it would be like a line of temporary unfurnished popup store. But the first one that I found here totally changed my mind. I found this cutest Christmas market in Town Hall Square which was just right in front of the Tourist Information Centre. I thought I was in Finland! Look at these individual glass igloos, they were all different shops which sells Christmas themed products or jewellery designer items. I just didn't want to leave in the end.

So the second one that I found was just right in the middle of the Cathedral Square. I like this one very much too, especially when the light was on at night. I literally think that these two markets were the best Christmas markets on earth (so far). I spent quite a lot of time wandering around this market and I actually bought quite a few things here. I never wanted to leave, I am serious.

Which market do you like more? Have you been to some nice Christmas markets this year? Let me know!


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