Different Views from Nottingham Castle 從諾丁漢城堡看世界

What Makes Nottingham Castle Different from the Others?

You might have seen a thousand of castles all over the world, therefore Well Voyaged is here to show you something different instead. Nottingham Castle is not as big as the others and it is actually quite ordinary to us too. But what makes it different is something that you could find inside this castle. The views around are more interesting than the castle itself. 

This castle is located on top of cliffs which is 130 feet high to the south and west. It's also known as "Castle Rock". This is something that we don't usually see in a castle. We enjoyed taking pictures from looking down to the ground. The world looked a lot smaller when we were on the top.


也許你看過了世界各地不同的城堡,但你有沒有注意過從城堡裡看出來的世界,又會是怎樣的呢?諾丁漢城堡其實沒有什麼特別,就像一般的城堡,但又不夠其他的大⋯⋯ 由於這城堡沒有很吸引,所以我們連照片都沒有給它拍⋯⋯ 那到底有什麼特別呢?特別在於周邊的景色絕對是比城堡本身更好看,更有趣!


Into the Cave inside Nottingham Castle

We joined the tour for getting inside the castle and there's actually a cave underneath! We were so surprised of what we saw and we still couldn't believe that we found something like this in Nottingham!



The garden nearby was pretty and peaceful. It's definitely worth a visit too!


So what's your favourite castle on earth? Tell us please!


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