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Discover Wales in Cardiff

To discover Wales, the southwest part of the United Kingdom, there's nothing better than visiting the capital city Cardiff as your first stop, not to mention it is also the largest city in Wales. This Welsh capital isn't too touristy which makes it a perfect reason to go to. It is a beautiful and fascinating city that is full of interesting backstory and history. What a great destination to comprehend more about the Welsh culture!

Top Sights to See in the Capital City of Wales

1. Cardiff Castle

This castle is not just a historical landmark in the old times but has also been a signature of Cardiff for long since late 11th century. You will be able to view the former royal residence in their castle apartment; and enjoy a Battlement Walk leisurely alongside of the outer defence gate wall of the castle. What a great way to experience an unusual ancient Roman living's style!

2. National Museum Cardiff

Make sure you visit the biggest museum and art gallery in the city if you are going to discover more about the Welsh culture and the country! This national museum host not only the permanent exhibitions but also a lot of various seasonal art shows in a regular basis. The entrance is free and we just don't find a good excuse not to visit this amazing place in Cardiff.

3. Museum of Cardiff

Museum of Cardiff, as known as Cardiff Story Museum, is a heritage history museum that exhibits the history of the city where you'll be able to understand more about the city and its culture. This museum housed a huge collection of the city-related objects and artefacts mostly donated by the residents in the city. The main point is: entrance is free, too; what a great way to explore Cardiff!

4. Cardiff Bay

Far far away from the city centre (about 30 minute walk from the historical side of Cardiff to the modern area of south Cardiff), there is a beautiful dock by the bay and a shopping complex you could visit. This is a wonderful place to enjoy your dinner at a local pub with gorgeous water view at nighttime. Let Cardiff Bay be the perfect last stop to complete your trip in Cardiff!


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