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Discovering Hometown Hong Kong as a Tourist

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been our base for over 18 years where we used to find it boring, ordinary and nothing really special. We decided to leave our hometown and start our exciting travel journey 4 years ago. Now we finally had time to "travel" back to our hometown last summer. This was actually the most inspiring trip to us ever as we went back home as a "tourist". This was the very first time we literally thought that we visited our hometown like what we usually did in other places in the world. We found things quite different this time...

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak - seeing the iconic view of Hong Kong

We went up to The Peak to take touristy photos for the very first time. It felt like we finally found the beauty of our hometown. We couldn't help but to keep hunting for different photo spots for our new projects. What's your favourite angle of looking at the Victoria Harbour? It's very difficult to just pick one because they are all unique from each other.

Central, Hong Kong
Choi Hung Estate, Hong Kong
Central, Hong Kong

Public Housing - Intensive local Residencies in Hong Kong style

As you may know, Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers on earth. There are many buildings in every single district. This is why we decided to take a "building tour" and see what pictures we could have got from the journey this time. These buildings are old and "sophisticated" which have a long history and can offer our images a very traditional background of Hong Kong.

Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Now we just can't wait to be back in Hong Kong again and see if we would discover something new again, and again! Be right back soon!



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