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DIY Ticket to Ride Stay at Home Expansion Board Game

It is not impossible to make a board game at home when you can simply download and print it out yourself. If you are familiar with Ticket to Ride board games, you should know that a huge variety of expansions has been launched within the past 10 years. This TTR "Stay at Home" expansion was designed during the pandemic, offering us a beautifully illustrated new version to play with our family while lockdown. What a fun idea! Click here to download, print and play now!

Category - Family

Difficulties - ★★☆☆☆

Players - 2-4 Players

Playing Time - 20-40 Minutes

Recommended Ages - 8+


The following game parts from Ticket to Ride base game are required:

  • 32 Train Cars per player

  • Matching Scoring Markers

  • 110 Train Car Cards

You may print, cut and assemble the following game parts:

  • 54 Destination Ticket Cards

  • 1 Playing Board

  • 1 Rule Book

Special Rules

All rules are the same as the core game. But this Stay at Home map introduces the Family Route that allows you the claim one space each time as your whole turn. Anyone else can also claim the same Family Route when there are still any unoccupied spaces. If all spaces on a Family Route is occupied/completed, every player who has at least one Train Car on this route can use it to complete their Destination Ticket Card.


Ticket to Ride Stay at Home Expansion is an amazing alternative for those who are looking for a new map. You may need some time to print and cut everything out, but you will certainly find it enjoyable while doing it. It requires the base game to play with. If you'd like to collect all expansions of TTR, you should also consider having this one in your collection for sure!



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