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Driving around in Northern Ireland

It is always easier to travel around if you can drive. If you can't, just like us, as a professional passenger, it would also be easier to travel around if anyone could drive for you. This time our road trip began at Coleraine where it is about 1.5 hours away from Belfast by train. We are about to explore the Northern Ireland on a road trip.

View from Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland, UK
Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland, UK

Amazing Coastline of Northern Ireland in Dunluce Castle

We followed the coastline and stopped at some points for pictures while we were driving to our first stop Dunluce Castle. We are not so sure about the castle but the sea view was spectacular! We found the castle very disappointing as it didn't look like any pictures on the Internet. The view is definitely the only reason why you should visit the castle once in your lifetime.

Spectacular Scene of Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland

Our second stop was the famous Giant's Causeway. This area has unique basalt columns created by ancient volcanic eruption. It is very interesting to see how these natural stones were made by nature. If you fancy walking down to the coast from the discovery centre for about 20 minutes, it is totally free; or you could just take a shuttle bus for £1 per trip. It was super windy out there. It is not a good idea to stay there for long.

Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland, UK

Walking Into the Magical Scene of Game of Thrones

The Dark Hedges was our final stop of our road trip. This is probably our favourite spots in Northern Ireland. Some found this place spooky, but we found it very magical. It was a very unique experience to walk under this mysterious tree tunnel. This place was one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones and it has now become a popular travel destination in these days. We wonder how this tree tunnel would look like in different seasons. Perhaps we should come back again soon.



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