Driving around in Northern Ireland 北愛爾蘭的自駕遊

It's always easier to travel around if you can drive. This time our road trip began at Coleraine where it's about 1.5 hours away from Belfast by train. Obviously I am just a professional passenger, and yes, it's also easier to travel around if your friends can drive for you... LOL

如果你會開車的話,就會發現自駕遊真的很方便!這次我們從Coleraine 科爾雷恩出發,從Belfast 貝爾法斯特到這大概是一個半小時的火車。很明顯的是我不會開車,所以啊,如果你的朋友會開車的話,你也會發現自駕遊也是很方便的啦!LOL

Our first stop was Dunluce Castle, where we followed the coastline and stopped at some points for pictures. The view was spectacular! (I mean the view by the coastline, not sure about the Dunluce Castle though...) I was actually quite disappointed about the castle because it didn't look like any pictures on the Internet... perhaps I expected too much.

我們的第一站是Dunluce Castle 鄧路斯城堡。我們一路沿海開車,看到好看的風景便會停下來拍拍照片。那裡的風景真的是太捧了!我是指沿海的風景,那個城堡就有點保留⋯⋯ 我覺得那個城堡有點讓我失望了,明明在網路上看到的照片都好像不是我所看到的喔⋯⋯ 可能是我想太多了⋯⋯

Our second stop was the famous Giant's Causeway. The stones were very unique and it's very interesting of how these stones were made by nature. If you fancy walking down there for around 20 minutes, it's totally free; or you could take a bus for just £1 per trip. Don't be fooled by my pictures... the weather was terrible that day. It was raining, sometimes even pouring for the whole day, and yes, even in front of me was a pretty scene with a blue sky. It was super windy which I couldn't even stay still and firmly.

第二站就來到了這個非常有名的Gaint’s Causeway 巨人堤道啦!這裡的石頭真的很特別,而且大自然真的很厲害、很神奇呢!從大門走路下去巨人堤道是免費的,我猜大概是20分鐘吧,因為我沒有走下去過,我坐了巴士,每程£1。喔,對啦,千萬不要讓我的照片騙了你,那日的天氣非常差,整天都在下大雨,即使是有藍天在面前,雨還是在頭頂上下來囉⋯⋯ 而且風超級大,根本沒有辦法站好的。

Our final stop was The Dark Hedges. This could be my favourite spots in Northern Ireland now. Some of my friends told me that this place looks spooky, however I found it very magical. It was a very unique experience to walk under this mysterious tree tunnel. I suppose The Dark Hedges became well-known since this was one of the location where the Game of Thrones was filmed. I can't tell you if this looks like the movie or not but if you've seen it, let me know!

最後一站就來到了The Dark Hedges 黑暗樹籬。這裡應該是我在北愛爾蘭裡最喜歡的一個景點了!有些朋友跟我說這個地方看起來覺得很恐怖,可是我卻覺得很夢幻呢!我能走在這條樹隧道下真的是很難忘呢!我想這裡愈來愈出名的原因主要就是因為權力遊戲這部戲吧?我就不太清楚這裡跟電影是不是一樣了,因為我其實沒有看過,但是如果你看過了,可以告訴我喔!

Now I'm more curious about how this tree tunnel would look like in different seasons?


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