First Try: Classical Concert in Vienna 首次體驗維也納的古典音樂會

Vienna, I have known of this place since I was little, long before the name of its country, Austria. That's probably because everyone talks about their long history in classical music. Therefore, attending a classical concert was my first priority activity that I thought I should have checked before leaving Vienna. I went to a small concert in a church last Tuesday night. I was there 30 minutes earlier as I'd also love to take pictures of the church before the concert started. Although the venue isn't really that big, all the seats were taken when it was almost time to begin. 

Vienna 維也納,我自小就聽過這個名字了!而且還比奧地利這個國家更有熟悉感喔!大概是因為大家都知道維也納最聞名的古典音樂吧。所以當我知道自己要來到維也納時,第一件想到的事情便是要去聽一場厲害的古典音樂會了!上個星期二晚上我來到了這個小小的教堂準備要聽個古典音樂!我特地早到了三十分鐘,順便想在音樂會開始前參觀一下教堂。雖然這個場地沒有很大,但是快要開始的時候,全場爆滿!非常厲害!

To be honest, I thought I knew quite a lot about classical music as I know of every single of the musicians in the program list that they had provided. And then I found out I literally knew their name only and I didn't even remember if I'd heard of their music before or not. (I am sure I did but I just don't remember BECAUSE I have learnt some of them when I was in my high school...)


Here's the list of the music that they played that night. This is for your reference only as they might have a different plays/rundown.


16 January 2018 19:30 二零一八年一月十六日 晚上七時半 @ Annakirche 聖安娜教堂 Annagasse 3B, 1010 Wien, Austria

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART 沃爾夫岡·阿馬德烏斯·莫扎特 (1756-1791)  - KV 546 << Adagio und Duge c-moll >>

Franz SCHUBERT 弗朗茨·舒伯特 (1797-1828)  - Streichquartett in a-moll D 804 - Op. 29 << Rosamunde >>     I - Allegro ma non troppo     II - Andante     III - Minuetto. Allegretto     IV - Allegro moderato

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN 路德維希·範·貝多芬 (1770-1827)  - Streichquartett f-moll Op. 95 << Serioso >>     I - Allegro con brio     II/III - Allegretto ma non troppo/Allegro assai vivace ma serioso     IV - Larghetto espressivo - Allegretto agitato - Allegro

It was allowed to take pictures without flash during the performance but I didn't do it just because I'd like to enjoy the moment instead, The ticket price was considerably cheap and it lasted for about an hour which I think it's good, not so short, and not so long. I think I'd be in sleep if it's going to be longer though. haha! 


I'd suggest that you should definitely check this out if you're not sure if you like classical music or not as this is relatively cheaper than any elsewhere. I think I'd go to an even bigger concert when I am back in Vienna again! This is so addictive! 


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