From Zadar to Krka 從扎達爾到科爾卡

A day trip from Zadar to Krka National Park is definitely a must! You don't need to join any tours and it's super easy to go by yourself. Here's how you can travel to Krka National Park on your own with no panic at all! Let's go!


How to Get to Krka National Park from Zadar

There are some regular bus services to Krka NP from Zadar bus terminal every day and it takes only an hour to get you to Skradin, where you can take a ferry to the entrance of the national park. It was 110 Croatian Kuna for an adult which also includes the boat ride. This ferry is an hourly service so make sure you don't miss it or you will have to wait for an extra hour! After 20 to 25 minutes, you will be officially inside the Krka National Park!



What to See in Krka National Park

Waterfall is the main thing that you are going to see in this national park, and this super famous Skradinski Buk Waterfall is definitely one of them that you should never miss out. Basically, if you follow the walking trails, you should be able to spot this waterfall in different lots of beautiful angles. You will need to spare at least an hour if you aim to finish the whole trails. This national park is too huge to explore in a day so I have a chance to see this overwhelming waterfall only. If you wish to see more of Krka, you could join their boat excursions to other different spots within the park. However, this will require 2-4 hours extra for the whole journey.


來這裡的主要原因當然就是瀑布啦!Skradinski Buk 瀑布絕對是其中一個不能錯過的景點!基本上你只要沿著爬山路線一直走,你便會找到很多不一樣又很漂亮的角度!走完整條路徑大概需要一個小時的。這個國家公園實在是太大了,所以一天之內真的沒有辦法全部看完,重點是要看到這個宏觀的瀑布喔。但是如果時間允許的話,你們是可以在裡面報團坐船到其他點去看看的,但是就要好好分配一下時間了,因為至少要再用上兩到四個小時的時間才能看完喔。

Krka National Park in Croatia is Instagrammable

If you knew you wouldn't be able to see the whole park in a day, then don't join any extra boat excursions and try to spend most of the time taking pictures while following the walking trails. It's not allowed to swim in there since 1st October, and yes, can you imagine how busy it would be during the summer period? The view was breathtaking, and it's so surprising that the views could be so much different from each others, even though they were all from the same waterfall.



If there are heavens on earth, Krka must be one of them.


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