Getting Lost in Torgeno Branishte 在蘇菲亞樹林迷了路

I was planned to climb up Torfeno Branishte for a spectacular view of the Boyana Waterfall that is located in the countryside of Sofia. But unfortunately I didn't make it because it was getting dark earlier and I believed that it would be quite dangerous to stay in the forest so I decided to go back after reached about 1/3 distance. And which is why I am making this post blog to tell you that if you planned to do so, you'll have to get there earlier especially in the winter time. It should be fine in summer because the sun will set a lot later.

本來我是打算去蘇菲亞近郊的Torfeno Branishte爬山,就是為了去看Boyana Waterfall 博雅納瀑布。結果因為天黑得比較早,而且天黑之後待在樹林裡面也會比較危險,所以最後走到大概三分之一的路程後,決定原路返回。所以我現在主要的就是想跟大家說一下,如果你們也打算要去的話,最好就是早點開始爬,由其是在冬天,天會黑得比較早的時候。

I would also suggest that you should wear a pair of strong hiking boots, enough clothes with a waterproof jacket/coat to keep you warm and steady. It was super slippery and all I wore was a pair of trainers... You can imagine how painful it will be if you fell down, which I did...

另外我建議大家要穿一雙好的爬山靴子和足夠的衣服,當然最好就是防水的。這樣子就保暖且舒適。當時的我就只穿了一雙運動鞋,但是路面都非常濕滑。想像一下如果在這些地方跌倒的話是有多痛⋯⋯ 想知道也可以問我,因為我就是過來人啦⋯⋯

That was the only picture that I took with the forest before heading back to where I started. It's still a very good experience of hiking, even though I didn't manage to see the waterfall... Okay I honestly try to persuade myself that it's okay not to see the waterfall... although I know it's going to worth it. If you can make it there, just please don't let me know how amazing it is. I would certainly cry all day long.

原路返回之前我就拍了僅僅一張和樹林的合照。就想說沒看到瀑布,也至少爬了個山,拍個照紀念一下嘛哈哈!好吧,沒錯,我只是在安慰自己⋯⋯ 所以如果你們成功爬了過去,也千萬不要告訴我有多好⋯⋯ 我一定會大哭一場的!

There's a church near the starting point to the waterfall and I think you could also check it out. I found this church unusual because this could probably the only church that I have seen which is located inside a garden, or I would say, a "forest", which also makes it less like a church. It feels like a house with a garden to me, to be honest. What do you think?


If I'd ever have a chance to go back there, I'll have to finish what I have started this time! I promise!


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