Glasshouses in Glasgow 格拉斯哥的溫室

Nothing is better than visiting indoor attractions when it's raining outside. The weather wasn't really nice in Glasgow when I was there for a day. Therefore, I tried to visit as many museums as possible, to avoid the possibility to get soaked. I found something that cheered me up at the end, which were the glasshouses that I visited in two different parks and gardens. I felt like I was walking into a forest or something, the variety of colours also made me so happy as there's always no weather problem in there.

看來下雨的時候,沒什麼是比在室內待著更好的選擇了吧。我在格拉斯哥機場那一天,天氣就真的不是太好了⋯⋯ 所以我就一直找博物館去看,就為了避免自己被淋濕。不過我在路上找到了一樣會讓心情變好的東西,它們就是溫室啦!我到了兩個不同的公園,走進去的感覺就像是走到了一個森林一樣,而且裡面的顏色真的會讓人心情很放鬆,最重要的是,裡面絕對不會有天氣的問題囉!

The first one that I went to is The People's Palace that is located inside the park called Glasgow Green. When I first came here, I was so surprised because I thought that was supposed to be a "Palace" instead. But it turns out The People's Palace is neither a palace nor a proper botanic garden. It's actually a museum! And this glasshouse is just a cafe that inside the museum. I was so sad that I found out a cafe at the end because I had just finished my lunch before I came here. Imagine having a relaxing coffee chill-out day here... I guess I could spend at least half a day here.

第一個我去的溫室是The People's Palace 人民宮,它是在一個叫Glasgow Green的公園裡面的。我剛來到的時候其實以為自己來錯地方了,我還以為人民宮是宮殿來的⋯⋯ 但原來它既不是宮殿,也不是什麼植物園⋯⋯ 其實是一個博物館!而這個溫室卻原來是博物館裡面的一個咖啡廳的一部分。當我發現這裡有個咖啡廳的時候我真的很傷心呢⋯⋯ 因為我才剛吃得很飽呢⋯⋯ 我能想像到如果我在這,邊喝著咖啡,邊感受一下這個「森林」,真舒服。

These two more glasshouses that I found in the other side of Glasgow which is located at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens. These ones are a lot bigger and have more plants inside comparing to the first one. I can't say which one I liked more because they are actually two same but also different things. However, if you like flower and plants, I suggest that you should go visit this one since it's got a lot more to see!

我在格拉斯哥的另一邊又找到了兩個溫室,都剛好是在Glasgow Botanic Gardens 格拉斯哥植物園的裡面。這兩個溫室都被第一個我找到的要大很多很多,而且裡面有更多的植物品種!我實在是不能選出我比較喜歡的一個,因為感覺就是它們都是一樣,但同時又很不一樣的溫室喔!不過我會建議喜歡花和植物的你們去這個囉,畢竟這裡有更多的品種嘛!

Every time I got inside the glasshouse from outside I had to wipe clean my camera lens... sometimes I forgot to do that and I didn't realise until I took the pictures. However, I kind of like how mysterious the place looks like with this foggy filter naturally added onto my photographs. Which one do you prefer? I like them both!

每次外面進去裡面的時候,由其是溫差特別大的時候,我都是擦乾淨我相機的鏡頭⋯⋯ 而且其實我每次都忘記了,直到我拍了照片看到的時候再發現。不過,我還挺喜歡加了「天然濾鏡」這樣的效果呢,看起來那個地方就多了一點夢幻喔!你比較喜歡哪個?我兩種都喜歡呢!

Look at these cactuses... aren't they so cute like a whole family together?


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