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Going on a "Road Trip" in Morocco

It's always advantages if you can drive when you are on holiday which would make your day a lot easier. I really wish that I could drive but unfortunately I can't. This is probably the biggest obstacle to me as a traveller. However, there's still a way to go somewhere that public transports won't take you to if you really can't drive: TAXI. It's true. Taxi saved my life when I was in Morocco. I literally went almost everywhere by taxi in the whole week there. You probably thought how rich I could be but I could tell you that the taxi in Morocco is really affordable (especially when you can't drive, you have no say.) LOL I suggest that you should go Morocco with a group of 4 which will definitely make your trip even cheaper by splitting your bills!

I took a taxi from Safi to Casablanca, which usually takes 2.5 hours. However, I requested to take a short break in El Jadida so that I could go see an attraction that I was dying for! Therefore my trip was a lot longer than it was expected but it's okay! I called it as a "Road trip"! But you know what, the driver was very friendly and nice, he even took us to a small town Oualidia on the way to El Jadida because he thought we should have a look of this beautiful city. I never heard of this city before until he explained everything like a tour guide. OMG I didn't really expect something like that because I thought I was taking a taxi instead, right? 

This beautiful city Oualidia is a coastal village, it has a beautiful beach when it's at low tide. When the driver was talking about the tide, I was like "What? That's really interesting!". And I was so lucky enough to see the beach! I can't even imagine how it looks like when it's hidden. It is such a beautiful village.

We were finally reached El Jadida and we stopped here for about half an hour, so I went straight to the thing that I wanted to visit most. It's La Citerne Portugaise. You don't really need to spend too much time on this because it's just a historical monument. However, it looks overwhelming to me when I got inside and I just couldn't stop taking pictures of it. The fact is: I found a souvenir store just right opposite to this attraction and I spent more time there. Haha!

It was time to get back on the taxi and headed off to Casablanca. See you there.


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