Going to Macau, for Macau 為澳門去澳門

If you have ever been to Macau before, you might realise that Macau is a city that is more like a second Las Vegas. Everywhere is just like a copy of somewhere... they have "Venice", "Paris", "New York City" and so on in this small city. But have you ever thought of going to Macau because of Macau on its own? I bet you wouldn't want to go somewhere that looked like everywhere else without their original "style"? Today I am going to tell you two places that I found in Macao which is more like Macao, and I am sure you'll like it.


If you aren't a fan of casino, you definitely would love to explore the other side of Macau. I don't gamble, so most of the time I was in Macao was eating and exploring nice places for pictures. The first place that I recommend you all to explore is R. do Padre Antonio, it's a street in between St. Anthony's Parish area and St. Lawrence's Parish area, and I found this place filled with lots of different installations. I most liked the Lantern which made it feel more Chinese. There's also some galleries and stores which sell loads of handmade products as well. It's definitely worth a visit. 

如果你沒有很喜歡到賭場的話,我想你也會去找其他好玩的地方吧!我不賭博的,所以一般在澳門的時候我都是在吃,又或是去找好看的地方拍照!第一個要和大家介紹的地方是R. do Padre Antonio 高樓街,一條在聖安多尼堂區和風順堂區之間的藝術街。在這裡你會找到很多不同的裝置藝術,而我最喜歡的便是那些充滿中國風、大大小小的紅燈籠。另外你還可以我找到一些小型美術館和一些賣手作品的小商店,絕對值得來看看喔!

The second place that I would recommend you to go is R. do Cunha. This place is very well-known for tourists as this area has got plenty of the souvenir stores and food that you cannot miss! But the main thing is they have also got spots for photos as well. I absolutely love this place and I just went there every single time when I visited Macao. This area isn't big enough for you to spend like a day though but you could perhaps go there about lunch time, then you could enjoy your food, take good pictures, and spend all your money on souvenirs! Woohoo!

而第二個要介紹的地方就是R. do Cunha 官也街。相信這個地方對於遊客來說一定也不陌生了。這區有很多紀念品店,而且有很多好吃的餐廳都是不能錯過的!最重要的是這裡有很多拍美照的點!不過這裡很小,通常我只會來吃個飯,隨便逛一下,拍一下照片,買一下紀念品,便會離開了。但是這裡絕對是我每次來澳門都會到的地方!

Unfortunately I didn't really have chance to take many pictures when I was there but hopefully I would be able to do so when I came back there again, and again. 




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