Half Day in Legoland Malaysia 在馬來西亞樂高樂園的半天

Going to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

We were super excited to go Legoland because this was our very first time to go to a Lego theme park! We got here from Singapore for a day so we didn't really have much time to explore the whole park... We spent around 5 hours here and then we came back to Singapore on the same day in the evening. To be honest, it wasn't a very pleasant day this time because the weather wasn't really good on the day we visited. We literally did not ride any attractions but only an observatory tower. However, we were still able to take some good pictures inside and we liked the Mini World very much! Let's see what we've found there.


還沒來到馬來西亞的樂高樂園之前我們就已經特別興奮了!因為這是我們第一次去以樂高為主題的公園!我們是從新加坡一天來回的那樣來到這裡,所以就沒有特別多的時間去把整個園逛完。我們在裡面逛了大概五個小時左右,晚上六點就回去新加坡了。說實在,這天並沒有玩得特別開心,因為天氣不好,我們根本就連一個機動遊戲都沒有玩到⋯⋯ 啊!就除了一個觀光塔⋯⋯ 不過也是有在我們最喜歡的迷你世界那拍到好照片的了!現在就來看看我們拍到了什麼吧!

The Observatory Tower had Become a Temporary Shelter for Rainfall

We didn't even know if we were lucky or unlucky enough to have such rainy view when we were up to the observatory tower... probably we were lucky because that was the only time it rained a lot and we were inside at that moment... The rain was gone quickly when the time we went back down on the ground...


我們到底是幸運的還是不幸的都不是很清楚⋯⋯ 一上去觀光塔的時候就下超級大的雨了⋯⋯ 但是一下來雨又停了⋯⋯ 到底是什麼一回事?我們大概還是挺幸運的⋯⋯ 因為就只有那個時候下了一下大雨就沒再下了⋯⋯

Spot Something Interesting from the Mini World

Did you spot something special as well? We accidentally found minions in the Mini World! They are actually chasing after bananas! That's just too cute, isn't it? Hopefully the weather would be a lot better if we've ever had a chance to come back again.



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