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New Top Sights to See in Shenzhen

China has been back to the new normal for a few months already and allows visitors to travel across the country freely. It is our chance to visit Shenzhen again for the very first time after the pandemic. This city has changed rapidly and it is no surprise that you could find lots of new attractions to go to while you are there. Let's discover more of Shenzhen with us today, shall we?

C Future City 中洲灣


A new art themed shopping mall C Future City has finally arrived at Futian District and it is only a few stops away from Futian Checkpoint. The whole shopping centre is filled with digital art with sound and music, installation work as well as sculptures of all kinds. It features high-class restaurants, creative shops and boutiques, plus the first TSUTAYA bookstore in the city. This is no doubt the first stop to visit in Shenzhen for all art and shopping lovers.

深圳 teamLab Future Park 共創!未來園

teamLab Future Park 共創!未來園

深圳市福田區中洲灣 C Future City 3樓

Of course you should never miss the work by teamLab. While you are in C Future City, you should visit the teamLab Future Park and create some new artwork with them. You will be able to doddle something and have them projected in the room with their work. This interactive exhibition is absolutely perfect for family; kids will particularly enjoy the time and have fun in the future park! It's your chance to be an artist today. Don't miss out!

Xianhu Botanical Garden 仙湖植物園


If you are a nature lover, visiting the Xianhu Botanical Garden is always a good idea. This beautiful garden is best known for its fairylake and the glasshouses. Tis botanic garden is spacious which features six large different areas including lakes, temples, deserts, forests and more. It has now become one of the most insta-worthy places to go in Shenzhen. Avoid visiting it in summertime or it could be too hot to survive in the garden!

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning 深圳市當代藝術與城市規劃館


It is always interesting to understand more of the city by visiting a museum. When you come to Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, you will be able to discover Shenzhen in art with beautiful artwork and interactive exhibits. The architecture itself, especially the interior is gorgeous. It is not only a museum, but also a great place for a perfect social media photo.



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