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Historical Dutch Town in Zaandam

Perhaps you won’t be able to see such old Dutch styled houses and iconic windmills in the city like Amsterdam. Therefore I’m here taking you to a small town Zaanse Schans in Zaandam where it’s only around 30 minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam. You have to come or you will regret it very much! 

This small village is full of this little cute houses and they are all in green and brownish colours. These colours go so well with the grass and the river. I wish I could live here, it feels like a peaceful happiest place for me to reside. Although I am not really sure if anyone is actually living there... it might not be any peaceful either... as I suppose there should be thousands of tourists visiting Zaandam every single day. I'd say this village should be the most popular tourist "attraction" in Zaandam. 

It was so good that I could see their historical houses and their iconic windmills in the same place so that I didn't really need to travel much. It's such an amazing place. I have seen so many "windmills" before, those white wind turbines for energy... but this time, I was able to see these Dutch styled windmills eventually! I was super excited! However, it was so windy when I was there and I didn't really have one single good selfie with them because my hair was super messy, it was just all over my face... I should just do some photoshop work for this... 

Houses, or windmills? Which one do you like more?


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