Historical Dutch Town in Zaandam 荷蘭的歷史小鎮贊丹

Perhaps you won’t be able to see such old Dutch styled houses and iconic windmills in the city like Amsterdam. Therefore I’m here taking you to a small town Zaanse Schans in Zaandam where it’s only around 30 minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam. You have to come or you will regret it very much! 

如果你想來荷蘭看它們的風車和充滿荷蘭特色的建築,不要在Amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹找了,因為你不會找到的。所以我這次要帶大家到一個在Zaandam 贊丹叫做Zaanse Schans的小村莊,來看看一些在阿姆斯特丹找不到的東西!這個小村莊其實跟阿姆斯特丹的市中心距離只有約三十分鐘的車程。所以你一定要來,不然就肯定後悔了!

This small village is full of this little cute houses and they are all in green and brownish colours. These colours go so well with the grass and the river. I wish I could live here, it feels like a peaceful happiest place for me to reside. Although I am not really sure if anyone is actually living there... it might not be any peaceful either... as I suppose there should be thousands of tourists visiting Zaandam every single day. I'd say this village should be the most popular tourist "attraction" in Zaandam. 

這個小村落充滿著這些可愛的小房子,全部都是以綠色或棕色為主,這些顏色跟那些草地和河都很搭!我真希望我能住在這個看似很舒服、很愉快的地方。雖然其實我不是很確定有沒有人真我住在這裡⋯⋯ 而且這裡應該其實沒有很舒服⋯⋯ 我猜這裡每天都有數以千計的遊客到訪。我覺得這裡應該是贊丹最受旅客歡迎的景點了。

It was so good that I could see their historical houses and their iconic windmills in the same place so that I didn't really need to travel much. It's such an amazing place. I have seen so many "windmills" before, those white wind turbines for energy... but this time, I was able to see these Dutch styled windmills eventually! I was super excited! However, it was so windy when I was there and I didn't really have one single good selfie with them because my hair was super messy, it was just all over my face... I should just do some photoshop work for this... 

Houses, or windmills? Which one do you like more?

可以不用走來走去,能一次過在這裡看到了兩樣荷蘭特色真好!我以前就已經看過了很多次「風車」,就是那些白色用來做風力發電的風車,的確看過了很多次⋯⋯ 不過這次我超級興奮!因為我終於看到了荷蘭版的了!但是當時風很大,沒有拍到一張成功的自拍⋯⋯ 因為整個臉都被頭髮蓋住了⋯⋯ 看來我要用Photoshop把自己貼上去了⋯⋯ 你喜歡它們的房子,還是風車呢?

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