Historical Landmark Visits in Madrid 遊覽馬德里的歷史地標

In Madrid, you will find lots of historical architectures like some monuments, palaces, and especially churches. I think Madrid has the most churches than any other cities that I had been to. I literally saw churches everywhere just like a convenient store... or I'd say Madrid has more churches than convenient stores... I have picked some of the landmarks that I think you should visit in Madrid. Let's see what they are...

你會在西班牙Madrid 馬德里找到很多歷史建築物,例如紀念碑和皇宮,由其是教堂。我覺得馬德里絕對是我去過的地方之中,有著最多教堂的城市了。因為我發現在馬德里,到處都是教堂,就好像隨便都能找到一家的便利店。又或者可以這麼說,我是認為那裡的教堂都比便利店更多,更「便利」⋯⋯ 我選了幾個地標我認為挺值得去的,來跟大家分享一下。

Catedral de la Almudena is a Catholic church that is just right opposite to the Royal Palace of Madrid. These two places are located in the west of Madrid. There's a lot of churches and monuments in the nearby. I spent almost half a day visiting the area around. 

Catedral de la Almudena 阿爾穆德納大教堂是一個建在Royal Palace of Madrid 馬德里皇宮對面的天主教堂。剛好這兩個地方都在馬德里的西邊,而且附近還有很多其他的教堂和不同的紀念碑,所以我也花了差不多大半天才把這區走完。

How can you not visit the well-known Las Ventas when you are in Madrid? This is a must-go attraction if you are interested in Spanish history, its cultures and their society. It's a museum about bullfighting. The museum provides a tour guide to take us around. Although I am not really into this cruel activity, it's still a very good experience to understand their history a bit more. Even though you are not planning to get inside, I think you should still check this out as the building itself is beautiful, isn't it?

來到馬德里就一定要去參觀那個超級有名的Las Ventas 鬥牛場博物館了。如果你對西班牙的歷史和他們的社會文化,你一定要來這裡參觀參觀喔!這個場地是不設自由參觀的,將會有一個導遊帶著大家到內及作介紹。所以是有分為有不同語言的參觀時間,我建議大家要先查好時間再出發。雖然我覺得鬥牛很殘忍,不過也是西班牙歷史與文化的一部分呢。所以即使你們對這個沒有興趣,我覺得還是可以來看一下建築物的本身,也挺漂亮,挺好看的!

This "palace" in Buen Retiro Park is probably the one and only palace on earth is totally empty inside. I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I got inside. It's Palacio de Cristal. I think this building looks beautiful either in my photographs or in my eyes in real. This could be the most uniquest palace on earth as there's nothing inside and it's totally see-through. It was boiling hot inside and I was sweating from the bottom of my heart which I am not even kidding. I wasn't even sure how people could survive in this building as it was made with glass so it's really see-through. I think this is worth visiting as you probably won't see a palace like this elsewhere. haha

接著要和大家介紹一下這個非常特別的「皇宮」,這個Palacio de Cristal 水晶宮就在Buen Retiro Park公園裡面,而且我認為這個水晶宮應該是全世界唯一一個裡面是完全空白的皇宮⋯⋯ 基本上來說,我連我自己當時看了些什麼我也不知道。但是這個水晶宮的外觀真的很好看,我覺得真的很特別,因為裡面真的是什麼都沒有,而且是透明的。也是因為這樣,裡面超級熱!我感覺自己都快要溶掉⋯⋯ 我真的完全不知道以前的人到底是怎樣生存在內⋯⋯ 不過,我還是覺得很值得去看一看,因為我猜你不會在其他地方找到類似的東西了哈哈!

So what's your favourite attraction in Madrid?


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