Historical Landmark Visits in Madrid

Churches are more than Convenient Stores in Madrid

In Madrid, you will find lots of historical architectures like some monuments, palaces, and especially churches. Madrid has the most churches than any other cities that we had been to. We literally saw churches everywhere just like how we found a convenient store in other cities... or we should say Madrid has more churches than convenient stores... here are some of the landmarks that you should visit in Madrid, let's go!

Attractions in Western Madrid

Catedral de la Almudena is a Catholic church that is just right opposite to the Royal Palace of Madrid. These two places are located in the west of Madrid. There's a lot of churches and monuments in the nearby and you could spend almost half a day visiting the area around. 

Not to Miss the Las Ventas Museum in Madrid

How can you not visit the well-known Las Ventas when you are in Madrid? This is a must-go attraction if you are interested in Spanish history, its cultures and their society. It's a museum about bullfighting. The museum provides a tour guide to take us around. Although we are not really into this cruel activity, but it's still a very good experience to understand the history behind bullfighting. Even though you are not interested in such activity, you should still check this out as the building itself is beautiful, isn't it?