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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Room Tour & Review

Come to this magical Victorian-styled palace and let your luxury staycation begin. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is located on the Lantau Island and it is only about 10-minute walk away from Disneyland Hong Kong and the MTR station. The hotel offers a variety of staycation packages at great price. Today, let's discover the secret Mickey Mouse together!

The Exterior of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The hotel is truly a fairytale-come-true "castle" in real life. Everywhere is literally instagrammable. At the pier, or from the top of the main building, you'll be able to see the stunning overlooking view of the South China Sea right in front of the hotel. Enjoy the outdoor pool, a playground and a mini golf for free with a booking.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The Interior of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The interior of the hotel is as gorgeous as the exterior. Look at these chandeliers! Were we actually in a palace? Like any other luxury hotel, you will be able to find a few different restaurants, an indoor swimming pool, a spa area with a sauna, a steam room and a hot tub. There is also a souvenir shop in the lobby where you can buy some exclusive Disney products that you may not even find them inside the theme park!

The Room of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

There are a several room types that you can select from: Standard rooms, deluxe rooms, sea view rooms, and Disney character themed suites. If you are a huge fan of Disney, we highly recommend you to go for their Cinderella or Frozen rooms as they are AMAZING! Otherwise, simply choose a deluxe room with the view of garden with/without a balcony will also do!

The Food of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

The hotel is basically located in the middle of nowhere; so it's always easier for you to order food with the In-room Dinning or simply visit the restaurants in the hotel. We enjoyed our in-room dinning so much. We literally just sit back, relax, and the food arrives at the right time we expected it to be. One thing that you should never miss would be the desserts - the Mickey Mouse shaped dessert is everything!


Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is highly recommended to those who are in love with Disney, and everyone who is looking for excellent quality hotel experience. This place is great for couples, friends, family, especially kids. The hotel is beautiful and literally magical. It is like another planet on earth. Our room was very cozy; the food was tasty; the service was wonderful. We enjoyed our stay a lot.

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