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Hong Kong New Wave Bubble Tea Shops Guide

The Bubble Tea Wave is never gonna stop until everybody gets tired of it. Although sooner or later there will be a day like that, it is obviously still a hit in Hong Kong as well as in Asia, probably in the whole world, too. Let us now take you to a bubble tea journey and discover more of this new wave together! Cheer!

The Most Artistic Bubble Tea Shops in Hong Kong

Art is everywhere and it's now inside of a bubble tea beverage, too! We simply love this just because it looks beautiful and tastes delicious at the same time. Their signature oolong milk tea with black sesame and mochi is absolutely a masterpiece. They use black sesame as black ink and brush onto the inner surface of the cup. How clever it is!

Teabrush | Shop L411, The One, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui ★★★★☆

The Cutest Bubble Tea with Icy Bear

How cute it is when a mini bear is sitting on top of your bubble tea! Yummee is a restaurant offers local Malay & Singapore dishes but Taiwanese bubble tea drinks at the same time. The highlight of their bubble tea has to be the malt flavoured icy bear on top. It was tasty in style, photogenic and definitely perfect for camera.

Yummee | Unit #136, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui ★★★☆☆

Local Cheesy Bubble Tea to Takeaway in Hong Kong

Bubble tea with cream cheese on top is a big hit and the trend certainly didn't fade away. It might not be that easy to find quality ones in Hong Kong. But this local bubble tea shop has it covered. We simply love their top selling drink Mango tea with shaved ice and cheese because it's so tasty and they go perfectly well together!

E.Tea | Shop C, G/F, On Ling Building, 47-55 Ma Tau Kok Rd, To Kwa Wan ★★★★☆

Healthy Herbal Bubble Tea Choice for You

Can you believe that bubble tea could be healthy, too? This tea bar offers hot bubble tea beverage with Chinese herbs, goji berries, longan fruits and more. It is probably the best drink you'll ever want in winter, or whenever you want a healthy but still tasty drink! Their fruity bubble tea is amazing as well. You surely don't want to miss any of them!

Charles Tea Bar | G25B1, Phase 1, Argyle Centre, 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok ★★★★☆

The Best Bubble Tea Drink to Kill the thirstiness

Would you like a cup of icy bubble tea with aloe vera in summertime? This shop does not only give us a pretty cup packaging design but also offers the freshest tea drink with a touch of aloe vera. It is very fresh in taste and rich in texture. You will totally want to buy another one after finishing one for sure.

春芳號 | Shop 1B10, G/F, Yue Man Square, 33 Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong ★★★★☆


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